Ha! They were well wrong


Rassilon doing a Hot Dog impression


The weather bureau got I wrong again. But then, why would we be surprised, they rarely get the forecast right. For instance, yesterday they said it would be 43 degrees today, and we weren’t looking forward to that.

Rassilon doesn’t like 25 degrees, let alone 43.

But it didn’t make 43 degrees, they were well off the mark. As a result, poor Rassilon REALY didn’t have a good day today, but to be honest, I don’t think too many people or animals did.

I had to refill Rassilons’ paddling pool because the water heated up so much, he could have burned himself in it.



Boiling water in your paddling pool sir?


Remember, if it is cold you can warm up; build a fire, put on a coat or simply go to bed.

When it is THIS hot, there isn’t a whole lot you can do to cool down.


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