I’m not the only one

To show I am not the only greyhound fanatic, here is a quote from another blog, I hope they don’t mind me using it.


“I’ve never met a greyhound owner who wasn’t completely obsessed with the breed.

In fact, it’s commonly said that “greyhounds are like potato chips; you can’t have just one.”

It’s not that greyhound owners love their dogs more than other people love their dogs.  But greyhound ownership is a very different experience because greyhounds are very different.  Something about those quirky, stubborn, loving, gentle, sensitive, little-big creatures evokes a strange form of fanaticism”.

And it is true. You might never have had a dog, like the person who wrote that quote, or you may always have had a dog, like me. But greyhounds are different. You feel different about them. Perhaps it is because they are more ‘delicate’ than other dogs, and by that I mean they have a different metabolism and nature and things can affect them differently to other dogs.

I can say that although I had Dobermans for 30 years, any more dogs I get will be greyhounds. There is something about the nature of them.

Of course, adopting a retired racer, or in my case a dog that was raised in the kennels, means the dog has it’s own regimen, and converting it to ‘pet’ can be a long process, but, in the words of WWE wrestler The Rock,  I guaran-damn-tee, it is the greatest process you can go through.

Every little thing the dog does to improve is worthy of high praise. Remember how I wrote about Rassilon going through the laundry? For other dogs it is a simple thing, but for Rassilon, that was noteworthy.

My Blog is about a kennel raised greyhound. To learn about the conversion of an ex-racing greyhound visit


and read about Kilroy and his trials as he learns to become a ‘pet’.


Kilroy, an ex-racing greyhound



One thought on “I’m not the only one

  1. greytkilroy

    Such a sweet post, and not just because Kilroy is getting more exposure (he’s a total ham, and would love it if he knew what a blog is). I was thinking more about this strange form of fanaticism, and part of it is definitely the transformation (mostly overcoming of fears); every little development is shared. Winning over the heart, mind, and trust of a greyhound is also process; it can be hard to create a bond with such an aloof, timid creature, so there is something binding in the evolution.

    We are truly surprised at how obsessed we’ve become with Kilroy!



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