I might as well have got a Doberman

One of the benefits of getting a GAPSA greyhound is the price. I wanted to replace my Doberman, but $1200.00 for a new one was a bit steep. A GAPSA greyhound was $250.00 everything included.

However, after spending $700.00 on air coolers today, it is starting to add up.

But, with the temperature today, it was not money spent on just Rassilon. I will certainly be getting the benefit as well.

When it was getting hot in the house this morning I decided to go to my mothers place as she has air conditioning. I didn’t mind taking Rassilon in the car (despite the warnings), because this car is air conditioned and I had that on full blast, and we were quite comfortable.

When I got to my mothers place, we decided to leave the dogs inside and go and get a cooler for my place, because the next few days are supposed to be hot.

I went out to start the car up so the air conditioner had a chance to cool down, and saw the temperature outside, (the car has a thermometer somewhere).


Yes!! that is 40 degrees Celsius or 104 in farenheit


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