Not happy feet…Happy dog

On the way home tonight I stopped off at a supermarket to see if they had any of their nice salads for lunch tomorrow. They didn’t, so I got a Peri Peri Chicken instead.

But when I got to the checkout the total was $18.05, and my chicken was only $3.69. the rest went on some mince and chickens feet for Lord President Rassilon himself.


A doggy delight (this was only half of what I bought)

Of course Rassilon had finished the mince even before we got it into the house. He just about mugged me to get it.

Then I separated the feet for him. I put them in bags of three and freeze them as a nice treat for him. He looks forward to them when I get home and makes it known that he wants them by bouncing to the fridge where they are, and standing there wagging his tail madly and looking at me.


Happy Dog

Of course, he wasn’t going to wait until tomorrow to have his chickens feet, even if they weren’t frozen yet. However, this type of snack can lead to a serious case of foot in mouth!!


Foot in mouth.

So Now Rassilon has been fed, I am going to get something for myself, but I don’t know what. (so much for the theory that people plan meals at least 4 hours in advance).


2 thoughts on “Not happy feet…Happy dog

  1. David Post author

    GAPSA, the local greyhound adoption program recommend frozen chicken carcasses for the dogs. I doubt if it would affect you, but for dogs in hot areas, these make a refreshing hot weather treat, and it is good for cleaning their teeth as well.
    Rassilon likes his feet, and I have given him some carcasses, but they take up a lot of room in the freezer so it is not easy to store them. But he likes chicken wings, raw or frozen, but strangely he does not like the necks.
    I give him the feet frozen because he is so hot all the time. 19 degrees Celsius and he was panting.



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