More signs of settling in

It has been over 14 months since I got Rassilon. I remember the day I got him, I wasn’t sure about him. I didn’t like his face or colour, (I would have preferred, AT THE TIME, a ‘blue’). But now I wouldn’t change him for anything.

First Sight

the first time I saw Rassilon.

The other night he came to bed and I had left the window open and there was a cold wind blowing in, so Rassilon settled down and let me throw the cover over him, and he stayed there for most of the night.

A couple of days later he went to bed (mine), so I threw a blanket over him and several hours later he was still there. When I first got him, a minute would have been his maximum time covered up


Settled in nicely thanks, now stop disturbing me!

Yesterday I was outside washing the car and the neighbour was putting netting over his grapevines which grow up the fence. Rassilon walked up to within 3 feet of the fence and stood watching, then slowly walked away. When I first got him, he would have been at the other end of the garden if someone had been there.

Now today it is the caring greyhound. He smells blood and he is, presumably, worried.

I went to the dentist and had a tooth removed (as normal for me, it had to be surgically removed), so I was obviously bleeding from the wound. Well Rassilon can smell that and when he comes up to me, he is just about sticking his nose in my mouth.

Unfortunately, my other injury impacts on Rassilon. I have damaged the ligaments in my knee, so I can’t go walking, and that upsets me that poor Rassi has to stay in and just run around the garden. Luckily it is a big garden.


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