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Who wants a chickens foot?

The answer to that would be RASSILON.

He is tall when he stands and hops about, don’t you agree?

Frozen chickens feet are a real favourite, and he makes that well known.


Stuck at home

Poor Rassilon, the only time he gets out is when we go over to my mother, and then he is only in the car.

I have torn the ligaments in my knee, so walking is not something I can do, at least not without great pain. So Rassi is confined to the back yard.

Fortunately it is a big yard and he can really get some speed up when he races around.

I had someone come to mow the yard yesterday, and what a difference in Rassilon. He went up to the guy and got patted, he did all his party tricks, and when he was given some food, after he ate it, he gave the guy a paw.

The last time this guy was here, Rassilon hardly stayed in the same room, now he went out with him while he is running the noisy lawn mower.


The newly mowed back yard. Plenty of room for a greyhound to stretch out.


The sprinkler is on, so greydog stays well away.


When visiting, Rassi likes to steal Mitzi’s bones. She waits until he looks away and steals them back. (She will get closer than this too…Bravery)

More signs of settling in

It has been over 14 months since I got Rassilon. I remember the day I got him, I wasn’t sure about him. I didn’t like his face or colour, (I would have preferred, AT THE TIME, a ‘blue’). But now I wouldn’t change him for anything.

First Sight

the first time I saw Rassilon.

The other night he came to bed and I had left the window open and there was a cold wind blowing in, so Rassilon settled down and let me throw the cover over him, and he stayed there for most of the night.

A couple of days later he went to bed (mine), so I threw a blanket over him and several hours later he was still there. When I first got him, a minute would have been his maximum time covered up


Settled in nicely thanks, now stop disturbing me!

Yesterday I was outside washing the car and the neighbour was putting netting over his grapevines which grow up the fence. Rassilon walked up to within 3 feet of the fence and stood watching, then slowly walked away. When I first got him, he would have been at the other end of the garden if someone had been there.

Now today it is the caring greyhound. He smells blood and he is, presumably, worried.

I went to the dentist and had a tooth removed (as normal for me, it had to be surgically removed), so I was obviously bleeding from the wound. Well Rassilon can smell that and when he comes up to me, he is just about sticking his nose in my mouth.

Unfortunately, my other injury impacts on Rassilon. I have damaged the ligaments in my knee, so I can’t go walking, and that upsets me that poor Rassi has to stay in and just run around the garden. Luckily it is a big garden.

He remembers!!

For quite some time Rassilons personal bed has been covered in boxes and junk by me moving furniture. So for all that time he has been sleeping on my bed. When I went to work he would go to my bed, and at night he would come to bed with me (it’s a good thing greyhounds don’t have that doggy smell).

Anyway, while I am on holiday I got rid of a lot of stuff I didn’t want. I took it to a charity shop. Do you remember the old saying beggars can’t be choosers? Well now-a-days that can. So now anything I have that I don’t want or need…straight into the bin!!

Back to the story. I got rid of a lot of stuff and cleared Rassilon’s bed. I wondered if he would remember it.

He remembered!!

He remembered!!

What a silly question. It didn’t take long for him to get comfortable. We had been over to my mothers place, she took me out to lunch instead of a getting me a birthday card, (Which she knows I would just throw in the bin anyway), so that is why Rassi has his collar on. He DOES NOT wear his collar in the house normally.

Anyway, it is back to normal for greydog, sleeping on his own bed.

(P.S. I have been updating my entertainment blog if anyone is interested. I try to find stuff that is different or, in my opinion, very good. I have put a couple of things on last night and today, but I have so much more to put up, but I am saving that for another day. But if you are interested check out

It’s all about doggy etiquet

I wasn’t really hungry, so for tea I decided to have meatballs in bolognaise sauce, because I knew I would have to share.

Of course every bite was watched, so being the gentleman  am, I put a meatball on the fork and offered it to Rassilon.

Being so well bred, as he obviously is, etiquette was one of his better subjects at doggy school, because he was so prim and proper, he ate the meatballs off the fork. Sadly, he failed ‘getting on with other greyhounds’.

I know someone will look at the video and say, “but he dropped 2”, and the reason for that was they has an excess of sauce on them and the sauce had onion in it. Not only is onion bad for dogs, but Rassilon doesn’t like them anyway.

I found that out the hard way when I first got him. I gave him some food, then as I was clearing out the freezer I found some hamburgers my father had made. I forgot that he always chopped up an onion and put it in with the meat, and gave one to Rassilon.

He ate it, but after a few minutes…I was cleaning up all the food he had eaten and the hamburger that had been thrown up all over the dining room floor.

Luckily I used to be a Patient Services Assistant (PSA) in a hospital, so I was used to cleaning up horrible things.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I developed a reaction to the cleaning produce they used, so I was not allowed near it, so I couldn’t work on the wards any more. I have been chopping and changing jobs for a while, but I am now working as a (get the title…) Professional Development Assessor. This is in the finance office well away from any cleaner of even the vapours.

But as I was changing jobs so often, I couldn’t have any leave, so I booked it a while ago, then got the job as assessor. I started today, which is why I was feeling good and gave Rassilon meatballs.

I hope to have a nice short break, and intend to spend it cuddling my greyhound and making him feel special.