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The Fish Supper Serenade, By Greyhound

Last night I went over to visit my mother and on the way home I stopped off and bought fish and chips, with 2 extra pieces of fish…you know why!!

I went home and went to bed to have my tea, and every mouthful was watched. Once I finished mine, I unwrapped the 2 extra fish.

You may have heard people say, or read, that greyhounds don’t bark much, but they do sing. My experience has been that Rassilon does bark a lot but didn’t sing. Until last night. Then when his fish appeared he found his voice. And as I had a camera close by, I managed to record the whole aria, from the almost imperceptible squeaking right through the singing to the loud call.

Sit back and enjoy the Rassilon Serenade to a Fish Supper.


Hungry Hungre greydog

I took some photos, but I have decided not to put them up here.

Yesterday after work I got home and gave Rassilon his usual frozen chickens feet. But he was overexcited or hungry or just mad, but he was jumping up to get them, even before the bag was open.

The result of the jumping up…his dew claw caught my left forearm, resulting in a big scratch across my arm. I had to give him his chicken quickly so I could go and clean the wound of any dirt that had been on his feet (he had been racing around the yard), and to wash away the blood that was now running down my arm.

When it was cleaned up it didn’t look like much, but the blood pouring out of it made it look like a major trauma.

He didn’t get punished, it was my fault for taking so long to unwrap his treat.

This morning I made up some ham sandwiches for lunch and there was ham left in the pack, so rather than putting it in a bag and putting it in the fridge, where I would probably forget it, I “frisbee’d” it across the kitchen where it was retrieved, out of mid air, by the long nose of Rassilon.

It is like feeding a vacuum cleaner. The ham flies somewhere near his nose and it is just sucked out of the air and swallowed. Still He enjoyed it. It was a nice treat for him this morning after I have reduced his meals. He was getting a bit overweight.

He met a lot of people last Sunday, including one young boy who wanted to hug him and pat him. He wasn’t thrilled with that much attention, but he put up with it without so much as a growl. He just kept trying to move away.

Remembering him when he first met people, this is a 1000% improvement, and I was so proud to be walking him with all the attention he was getting.

More clothes!!

Rassilons new “CoolCoat” arrived today. Unfortunately I was not in a position to take him for a walk because I had to go and see an exercise physiologist. She told me how I can get fit and loose weight, eat less and exercise morelike that is a secret. So with that ‘expert’ advice, I don’t think I will bother going back for a second visit, because I already knew that, and I don’t need to spend money for a so-called expert to tell me again. It is amazing how these people can go to university to learn what everyone else already knows, get a degree, then they get paid to pass on that information that we all know. I am in the wrong job!!

Anyway, enough about that, Rassilons new coat arrived, and it looks good. I am pleased I ordered a big one, because it hangs right down and will help to keep him cool. It is made of chamois, and you wet it and wring it out before putting it on the dog. Then simple evaporation keeps the dog cool.

I wet it and put it on Ras, and he didn’t seen to mind it. He had a bit of a walk around the garden without trying to rip it off, and seeing as how he is such a hot dog who doesn’t like the heat, this might just get used more than the polar fleece coats.

You have to keep it wet for the cooling benefits and because when it dries out completely it has a consistency of thick cardboard.

So Rassilon liked it, I like it and the colour certainly suits him. If I get him another one later I will get a blue one. We prefer variety rather than the same thing.

So here is Rassilon in his purple ‘cool coat’, supplied by Lilcracka Pet Supplies,

He likes it!

He likes it!

He really is a cool dog now

He really is a cool dog now

Walkies, now we are worn out.

On Friday I came home from work and, even though it was hot, I took Rassilon for a walk down the beach. He did really well, but the sound of the waves breaking on the shore scared him a bit. He would pull away, but only as far as his leash, then he stopped pulling, so it wasn’t like he was SO scared he wanted to get right away.

We were walking along in the water, just paddling, when the waves came he got out the water, but once the noise was gone, he came straight back into the water. One day when I have a waterproof bag to put my car key in, I will take him a bit further out into the water. The reasoning behind that is, a replacement car key with built in locking remote control… $640.00.

On Saturday Rassi stayed at my mothers place while we went shopping. By the time we got home my legs were worn out and my knees were aching, so he was lucky he didn’t come with us.

On Sunday I had to go to the shops to buy something for my mother, and I took Rassilon with me. He stayed in the car while I went in to buy the item, it was nice and cool today with a hint on misty rain, so I didn’t mind leaving him in the car for a few minuets. Then when I came back I took him for a walk right round the outside of the shopping centre, even though my legs were aching. He really did well today. He walked well and didn’t jump out of his skin when a trolley came behind him, and quite a few people wanted to pat him, and he, of course, put up with all that attention and patting.

The thing is now, 2 long walks in 3 days has had it’s toll, he has taken to a place of comfort…MY BED!!

2 long walks have had their way with Rassilon.

2 long walks have had their way with Rassilon.

And now, after the photo, I had lunch and a cup of coffee, then watched an episode of the Big Bang Theory, then came and wrote this piece, Rassilon HASN”T MOVED. And to be perfectly honest, I might go and join him so my legs can recover.

Nothing much has happened

Since his bath Rassilon has been good and done nothing spectacular.

He certainly doesn’t mind me rearranging the furniture and doesn’t get worried like Kia used to. I rearranged the bedroom (again) and I had to make Rassilon get off the bed so I could move it. Of course, now it is moved he still hogs it all.

The past few days got quite warm, and poor Rassilon doesn’t like the heat at all. He was puffing and panting and in the evening he went outside to lay on the cool grass. So I have ordered him a cooling coat. It absorbs sweat and then cools by evaporation

I chose purple over blue

I chose purple over blue

They had a choice of 2 colours, blue and purple, but I chose the purple for Rassilon. Lighter colours reflect the heat, and he looks better in light colours. Because he changes colour from fawn brindle to almost red brindle, choosing colours can be hard, but experience has shown he looks good in lighter colours.

The official colour chart for greyhounds. Rassilon is Fawn/Brindle...but changes with the heat.

The official colour chart for greyhounds. Rassilon is Fawn Brindle…but changes with the heat.

I will keep you informed about how the coat works, once we get it and give it a try.

P.S. I am still working on a way to secure Rassi-Cam to the harness, but it has to be attached solidly to it doesn’t wobble around. It will either have to be sewn on with a thick thread, or, if I can work out how, bolted on.