Bath Time

I have had Rassilon for about 14 months, and on Sunday he had his 2nd bath,

For people that are considering rescuing a greyhound, you would probably be interested in the fact that when I finished washing Rassilon, the water was just as clean as when I started. So the lack of body oil appears to stop the dirt sticking to the dog or something, because Rassilon didn’t really need a bath.

I’m sure that he enjoyed being scrubbed all over and that there would have been some benefit and cleaning from it, but it shows that I don’t need to worry about giving him a bath too often.

Mitzi, on the other hand, was staying with us for 6 weeks and all the bedding had to be washed because she does produce body oil, and everything stunk of dog.

On the other side of the equation, if you get a greyhound, you need to give them a meal, once or twice a week, with oil in it, something like a tin of tuna (which Rassilon loves). They do not produce oil, so you need to give them some to keep their coat nice and shiny.

I cook up mince for Rassilon, but kangaroo has no fat either, so when I cook it, I put in a big slurp of olive oil. Rassilon certainly hasn’t complained about it yet! He also gets chicken mince, sometimes raw, sometimes cooked, and that has it’s own oil.

But for now, enjoy Bath Time, 2015.


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