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Bath Time

I have had Rassilon for about 14 months, and on Sunday he had his 2nd bath,

For people that are considering rescuing a greyhound, you would probably be interested in the fact that when I finished washing Rassilon, the water was just as clean as when I started. So the lack of body oil appears to stop the dirt sticking to the dog or something, because Rassilon didn’t really need a bath.

I’m sure that he enjoyed being scrubbed all over and that there would have been some benefit and cleaning from it, but it shows that I don’t need to worry about giving him a bath too often.

Mitzi, on the other hand, was staying with us for 6 weeks and all the bedding had to be washed because she does produce body oil, and everything stunk of dog.

On the other side of the equation, if you get a greyhound, you need to give them a meal, once or twice a week, with oil in it, something like a tin of tuna (which Rassilon loves). They do not produce oil, so you need to give them some to keep their coat nice and shiny.

I cook up mince for Rassilon, but kangaroo has no fat either, so when I cook it, I put in a big slurp of olive oil. Rassilon certainly hasn’t complained about it yet! He also gets chicken mince, sometimes raw, sometimes cooked, and that has it’s own oil.

But for now, enjoy Bath Time, 2015.


Upgrade for Rassi-Cam

Rassilon’s new harness arrived today. It looks great and is just what I need to mount Rassi-cam. All I have to do is figure out a way to actually connect the camera mount to the harness. Whatever I do it is going to have to be completely solid or the camera will wobble about too much.

I can get the harness nice and tight, so that is a big benefit. With the original narrow strap, if I had it too tight it would cut into Rassilon, but these big padded straps have removed that problem.

So, although I don’t have video from Rassi-Cam, because it isn’t attached to the harness, here are some pictures to show what was and what is to be.

The original skinny strap that worked, but needed improvement

The original skinny strap that worked, but needed improvement because it kept slipping to one side or the other.


The new improved padded strap harness (camera still to be fitted).

The new improved padded strap harness (camera still to be fitted). AND you can see him from a long way off now!

The photo doesn’t do the harness justice. In real life it is a BRIGHT day-glo green.

Wait for updates on the new improved Rassi-Cam and some (hopefully less wobbly) video.

This is SOOO good

It has nothing to do with Rassilon, but it is invaluable information for people considering buying a dog.

What you need to know about raising a dog.

What you need to know about raising a dog.

On Rassilon news though, he came to bed this morning…right under the covers and stayed there until i had to get up, so he was there, UNDER the covers, for about an hour. This is a first. I mean he has been under the covers before, but only for about a minute, so he is getting so relaxed now.

Grand Theft…chicken

I forgot to mention about a 4 legged, brindle Ned Kelly wanna-be.

The other night I got home from work and put my tea in the oven to cook slowly. I was going to have a chicken roll stuffed with garlic butter and chips (they are delicious with the garlic butter).

So, at about 6.00pm, tea is cooked, coffee is made, Satellite TV is on and I settle down for an enjoyable tea that I have been looking forward to ALL DAY, from the time I put it in the fridge to thaw out.

I just started to eat when the phone rang. Now the phone is at the other end of the house. It is a cordless phone, but I always forget to take it with me, so I got up to answer it, and put my tea on the little coffee table next to my chair.

I raced down and got the phone, and was walking back to the TV room when I noticed something on the floor. As I got closer I recognized it as…MY CHICKEN!!

I raised my voice (but not yelling) asked “Whats This”? A greyhound raced past me YELPING, and that was without me even touching him, so he knew he had done the wrong thing.

So I had chips for tea.

He knows right from wrong, but his stomach has the last say.

He knows right from wrong, but his stomach has the last say.

The lesson learned from this story, close the TV room door if leaving food in there.

More money!

I say more money, of course I mean more money spent on Rassilon. And I don’t mind spending money on him, although this could be considered spending on US.

This time it is a new harness. I want to mount the Rassi-cam on it. The strap I used before was thin and I couldn’t pull it as tight as I wanted or it would rub and cut into Rassilon, so it tended to slip down to one side. I found a harness on the Internet and it looks like it should do the job.

Lots of support and more comfortable .

Lots of support and more comfortable .

As you can see, it has a padded chest strap, and it comes right down his sides, which should help support the camera. It is also washable, so I can take Ras into the sea for some interesting video. The camera, being a proper sports-cam, came with a waterproof housing, and the last Rassi-cam footage was filmed using that housing, so you can see, it doesn’t interfere with the picture at all.

So watch out for future Rassi-cam film of a swimming greyhound. Of course, the trouble with that is that I have to go swimming as well, because the (South Australian) law says greyhounds aren’t allowed off their leash in public, and if they don’t have a green (numbered) collar, (also to be worn in public and carrying an authorised I.D card), they have to wear a muzzle in public. (check the pictures, Rassi has a green collar). 

Unlike other dogs, there are special rules for greyhound owners to follow, and if they get caught breaking the rules, they can be fined, but also, in the matter of the muzzle, all greyhounds could loose the privilege of the green collar and be made to wear a muzzle. Perhaps the government should look at muzzling dog breeds that are used as guard dogs, or are known to be dangerous. I.E. German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler, Pit Bull Terriers, Akita, and the list goes on. But no! it is easier to pick on a harmless dog, so people get the impression they are doing something. but my low opinions of governments is a different matter.