Just a fantastic response…from people and dog.

Today I took Rassilon out to another, bigger, shopping centre for a walk. The idea is that he will get used to people as he walks around. Well today turned into a big test, and he passed with flying colours.

Quite a few people stopped to pat him, and one of those was in a wheelchair, he only flinched a little bit, but he didn’t run away or growl or bite, he stood there and let everyone pat him. At one point there were 7 people (plus me) standing around him.

As we were walking back to the car, a woman called out to us just to tell me how beautiful Rassilons colour was. When she patted him she couldn’t believe how soft he was. She said her dog’s hair felt wiry, so I told het that Rassilon’s hair went like that when he was nervous or stressed, then some more people came up and wanted to pat him.

It is amazing how many people have never seen a greyhound in real life, and they all loved his colouring, (which is fawn/brindle, according to the official colour chart).

I had to buy a few things for myself, and I bought some dried pigs ears, a favourite of Rassilon. When we got home it was treat time, which Rassilon did not argue about.

Rassilon, enjoying a pigs ear treat.

Rassilon, enjoying a pigs ear treat. Green collar and seal of Rassilon for all to see.


Happiness is a pigs ear in the sunshine

This afternoon I am going to take him to the hospital I used to work at, to meet the women I worked with. When they first met him he was a nervous wreck, the second time he was better but still cautious. Today, I think things will be different, and they will see the improvement in him.

It has been a week of big changes, all of them improvement. Now all I have to do it get him to sleep up and down the bed instead of across it, and I will be even happier.

(P.S. Until I went to pick Rassilon up from the GAP, I had NEVER seen a greyhound either)


if you are interested in a greyhound (in South Australia), or find your  local greyhound adoption program, and help save a greyhound.




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