Dogs go Wacko for Schmacko’s

You have seen the TV ads, at least in Australia you would have. If you watch TV you will see ads with an occasional program break.

But there was a cartoon ad for Schmacko’s, a dog treat, where the dog would do amazing things for it’s treat. Why they needed a cartoon I don’t know, when there is a living, breathing advert for the product…RASSILON!!

Today I gave him a couple of treats. (I really need to find his nail clippers). I set the video up first because I knew it would be fun, then before I uploaded it to You Tube, I cleaned the blood off my arm (told you I needed to find the nail clippers), then put the video on You Tube and filled in todays Blog.

I don’t know if it is my computer connection or the computer itself, but it takes about an hour to upload a 1.5 minute video…doesn’t seem right to me either.

Anyway, here it is.

Dogs go Wacko for Schmacko’s.

(How bad it TV here? The first episode of Mrs Browns Boys on Adelaide TV went for 48 minutes. After the ads were cut out…25 minutes. That equals 23 minutes of adverts in a 25 minute show. No, I don’t watch TV any more, for that reason)


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