Time to do some work

I spent a lot of time on the computer updating all my music and putting it on USB drives for the car. So I went out and delivered some co-op mail, then when I got home I decided to mow some of the grass. I have to leave some long because Rassilon likes playing in the long grass.

definitely in need of mowing

definitely in need of mowing

better condition for zoomies

better condition for zoomies

I was going to rake the cuttings up and cover the mud, but Rassilon decided that now he could see, it was time for an outside zoomie. (It’s OK, I have a carpet shampooer to clean up the mud after he ran inside!!).

after zoomies

Rassilons bed in a new spot, Rassilon…still the same.

Unlike Kia, my Doberman, Rassilon isn’t bothered by me rearranging the furniture. Kia used to get upset and stick close, in case I left her, but as you can see, Rassilon doesn’t care, which is good because I am rearranging the house

Now it’s entertainment time again.

You know how choirs stand in rows and don’t move, well forget that idea. Movement and beautiful singing.

Rina Hugo and the Drakensberg Boys Choir; Music in the mountains.


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