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First ever Rassi-cam

Today I combined my love of cameras with Rassilon.
(The picture is very jumpy and wobbly because Rassilon has such a slinky walk).

We went for a walk down to the beach, but I strapped a sports-cam on his back. The first part of the walk had to be cut out because Ras insisted on walking so close to me, all we filmed was my leg.

(take a note of how loose the leash is, that’s how well he walks).

So here it is, jumpy and wobbly vision of Christies Beach from a greyhounds back.

(When I feel like it and have the time and camera, I will film the walk so you can see just how slinky Rassilon is)


Not this year, but close

GAP is having it’s annual Royal Adelaide Show stand and are looking for volunteers to take their greyhounds along for people to see that greyhounds aren’t savages, but beautiful dogs with loving, gentle temperaments.

I would have liked to go along, but Rassilon isn’t quite ready just yet.

They want dogs that are good with crowds of people, and Ras has shown that he can manage a few people around him and patting him, and the dogs must be okay with loud noises. OOPS! Rassilon’s downfall at the moment. If the loud noise is in front of him, that’s fine. He went and saw the tree fellers with their chainsaws going flat out and it didn’t bother him, but last time we were at the shopping centre, a woman came behind him in an electric wheelchair, and he tried to get away.

So I will continue to take him to places where he will encounter people and noises and things behind him, and hopefully by next year we will be able to go along and show Rassilon off to the masses.

If you are in South Australia and going to the Royal Adelaide Show, go and find the GAP stall and meet some of their adopted dogs or find out about fostering or adopting a greyhound. Or check out their website at…

personalised coat

You could end up with a dog as handsome as Rassilon                                                   (but not likely)

Just a fantastic response…from people and dog.

Today I took Rassilon out to another, bigger, shopping centre for a walk. The idea is that he will get used to people as he walks around. Well today turned into a big test, and he passed with flying colours.

Quite a few people stopped to pat him, and one of those was in a wheelchair, he only flinched a little bit, but he didn’t run away or growl or bite, he stood there and let everyone pat him. At one point there were 7 people (plus me) standing around him.

As we were walking back to the car, a woman called out to us just to tell me how beautiful Rassilons colour was. When she patted him she couldn’t believe how soft he was. She said her dog’s hair felt wiry, so I told het that Rassilon’s hair went like that when he was nervous or stressed, then some more people came up and wanted to pat him.

It is amazing how many people have never seen a greyhound in real life, and they all loved his colouring, (which is fawn/brindle, according to the official colour chart).

I had to buy a few things for myself, and I bought some dried pigs ears, a favourite of Rassilon. When we got home it was treat time, which Rassilon did not argue about.

Rassilon, enjoying a pigs ear treat.

Rassilon, enjoying a pigs ear treat. Green collar and seal of Rassilon for all to see.


Happiness is a pigs ear in the sunshine

This afternoon I am going to take him to the hospital I used to work at, to meet the women I worked with. When they first met him he was a nervous wreck, the second time he was better but still cautious. Today, I think things will be different, and they will see the improvement in him.

It has been a week of big changes, all of them improvement. Now all I have to do it get him to sleep up and down the bed instead of across it, and I will be even happier.

(P.S. Until I went to pick Rassilon up from the GAP, I had NEVER seen a greyhound either)

if you are interested in a greyhound (in South Australia), or find your  local greyhound adoption program, and help save a greyhound.



I’ts the little things.

To many people it would be nothing, and for many dogs it would be nothing, but for me and Rassilon, it is something.

Rassilon went out the laundry door. He’s been out the laundry door before, but I have had to clear a path for him. If there was something in the way he would not go through. But today I was doing some washing and there was stuff all over the laundry floor and I called Rassilon to go out, and he walked through the laundry and over everything in it. What a breakthrough.

That is something else that he used to be scared of that he has now overcome, and as I am writing this I can hear the squeaking of his toys as he is playing with them. Again, it took 12 months for him to play with his toys, and now he is on his own in the lounge, playing of his own free choice.

Is it any wonder I love this dog SO MUCH. When you see changes like this all the time, it is such pleasure. It makes up for all the tough times I had when I first got him.

Ladies and Gentlemen…


The Great Overcomer

The Great Overcomer

(P.S. I also clipped his nails today without a problem)

Another problem he has overcome, to a point.

Coming to bed was something he would do, but coming into bed was a different story. He didn’t like to be covered up. I think it was to do with the heat.

But as he is getting older, he must be cooling down.

all covered up

The weather has been cold recently, so even Rassilon wants to keep warm.

Unfortunately he still likes to take up more than his half of the bed. He usually prefers sleeping across the bed, but I beat him to position today.

Dogs go Wacko for Schmacko’s

You have seen the TV ads, at least in Australia you would have. If you watch TV you will see ads with an occasional program break.

But there was a cartoon ad for Schmacko’s, a dog treat, where the dog would do amazing things for it’s treat. Why they needed a cartoon I don’t know, when there is a living, breathing advert for the product…RASSILON!!

Today I gave him a couple of treats. (I really need to find his nail clippers). I set the video up first because I knew it would be fun, then before I uploaded it to You Tube, I cleaned the blood off my arm (told you I needed to find the nail clippers), then put the video on You Tube and filled in todays Blog.

I don’t know if it is my computer connection or the computer itself, but it takes about an hour to upload a 1.5 minute video…doesn’t seem right to me either.

Anyway, here it is.

Dogs go Wacko for Schmacko’s.

(How bad it TV here? The first episode of Mrs Browns Boys on Adelaide TV went for 48 minutes. After the ads were cut out…25 minutes. That equals 23 minutes of adverts in a 25 minute show. No, I don’t watch TV any more, for that reason)

Greyhound / Kangaroo hybrid

After a week at home full time with Ras, I had to go to the hospital for some tests, my regular 2 yearly endoscopy. (Talk about a busman’s holiday).  As usual I went in with the intention of seeing what goes on and staying awake as long as possible. That was about 1 second after the injection!!!

I remember going into the theatre and joking with the nurses (remember, I work in the hospital so have met most of them). I got the horrible drink and even worse (lignocaine) spray and remember the doctor coming over to give me the anaesthetic injection (I believe it is actually a hypnotic not an anaesthetic). The next thing I was in the recovery area. Luckily most people get over the procedure quickly.

Anyway, I got home and was met by looney tune Rassilon. You would have thought I had been gone for days, not just 5 hours. I thought a treat was in order, so it was the frozen chicken.

He likes frozen chicken, as you will see.

I didn’t get his head in the picture all the time, but you will certainly get the idea he wants the chicken.

When you see him sticking his nose into the plastic bag, remember that when I first got him, a rustling plastic bag would have sent him running. A bit different now!

That reminds me of the story of the cowboy who wore a paper shirt, paper hat, paper trousers and paper chaps. He was arrested for rustling.

I have decided that this blog is JUST for Rassilon, so the entertainment clips will be available on…

When I find something good or different, I will put it up there, so keep watching.

I have changed my mind…again

A you would have seen in recent posts, I have included some ‘entertainment’ clips.

But I have decided that this is Rassilons blog, so no more clips unless it is dog related, and there are a few more Swift Fantasy clips to put up.

If you still want the entertainment, go to

Where I will be posting clips that I find on You Tube that are not the run of the mill stuff we normally see. Of course, in Australia ANYTHING from overseas, anything skilful or anything NEW doesn’t get shown.

Britain’s got talent winners over the last few years have gone on and made CDs. I think it was Colabro that went gold before release, but here in Australia…never heard of them. (only found by accident on You Tube).

But as a reminder of what this blog is about, here he is…


The pillow got knocked down,

Named after the Dr Who character, LORD PRESIDENT RASSILON (as played by Timothy Dalton)