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Happy Rassilon

Friday, I got home at 10.45am. That made Rassi very happy to have me home so early

We went over to visit my mother and Mitzi, a visit Rassilon ALWAYS enjoys, because he knows all the places Mitzi hides her food, and he mooches around and eats it all.

Oh I am just so happy I can hardly contain myself

Oh I am just so happy I can hardly contain myself

I, on the other hand, wasn’t so happy. I had been sent home from work because the original reason I was taken off the wards has flared up again.

I used to be a PSA (orderly / cleaner), in a hospital, but they introduced a cleaner, Actichlor Plus, a chlorine based cleaner / disinfectant, and I had a reaction to it. My eyes would go red, swell up and become agonizingly itchy, the skin dries out and flakes (and if I am near Actichlor Plus for too long, they start to split open).

I had to go on work cover because it was work related and affected my ability to work. I was taken off the wards and put in the office away from Actichlor Plus and things were great.

They found me a job in the Day of Surgery Unit, where they do the cleaning at night. But the vapors were still in the air and residue on surfaces. The result was that I was there for only 2 days before the nurse in charge told me not to come back.

After that I went to a different hospital for a year, where they only use Actichlor Plus for cleaning rooms or areas that have had infectious patients in them and everything was fine. But the contract ran out and I had to go back to the first hospital where I found a job in their records department.

Little did anyone, (Me, the records bosses or the work cover rep), think that Actichlor Plus fumes could permeate the paper, thus putting me in a position where I was handling the stuff again, but in a smaller dose, that is why it has taken this time to have it’s reaction.

My eye is swollen, dry, flaking, maddeningly itchy (I am trying not to scratch), and this time VERY hot. It is likely that I will not be going back to records unless a doctor can give me something to control this. I see the doctor tomorrow.

You can't see the swelling, but this time, I can.

You can’t see the swelling, but this time, I can. You can’t see how hot it is or how ITCHY it is!

On the bright side, being out of the records area I will be able to take some of the annual leave I have not been able to take for the last three years, and that will make Rassilon happy to have me around all the time, able to go for a walk and play with him. And to be honest, I will enjoy it as well.

(I have to remember to call the cleaner Actichlor Plus, because plain Actichlor is a swimming pool chlorine. Swimming pool chlorine is diluted in water at a rate of 3.5 parts chlorine per million parts water. Actichlor Plus is diluted at 1000 parts cleaner per million parts water).


It must be the treatment.

While looking for some photos on my other computers and hard disk drives, I came across some old photos of my 2nd Doberman, Duke.

The resemblance to Rassilon is amazing.



Greyberman? Duke only took up a 2 seater settee, Rassilon needs the three seater.

So relaxed, but don’t be fooled. A Doberman couldn’t care less what happens if their owner is around, the owner can deal with intruders, but if they are on their own, you might want to consider what you are planning. You might get into the house, but you won’t get out. (I found the same trait in all 3 of my Dobie’s).

And at almost 50Kg, I wouldn’t want to have upset Duke. (I had a few bites from him, and I wouldn’t want have had a bite having upset him).

Don't be fooled. Waking him up might not be a good idea.

Don’t be fooled. Waking him up might not be a good idea. He had a very short fuse too!!

(P.S. I still didn’t find the photos I was looking for).


Believe it or not this is NOT about Rassilon, but a dog called Swift Fantasy.

I found this clip on YouTube, and it is Sennnnsational.

Swift Fantasy is, of course, a greyhound. But a greyhound with an attitude of never give up.

I have never been to the greyhound racing, but I doubt it could get much better than this.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. It says a lot about a greyhounds attitude.

(Oh, we had better congratulate the trainer for getting the dog like this.

Quick Update

The lounge chairs have arrived.

The camera is mounted in the car.

The dishes are (mostly) washed.

The trail camera arrived on Wednesday and I got some footage off it when I was testing it today.

I told you he was tall !!! (And yes, that is his bum sticking up into the picture at the end).

I am going to have another cup of coffee, hopefully I will get this one while it is still hot, and I am going for my mid afternoon ‘nanna nap’

The car guy!!

Today I was fitting a car DVR. This one has front and rear cameras, both with enough cable to mount it on the QE2!!

New car DVR.

New car DVR.

So it meant mounting the camera and hiding all the cable. Fortunately the roof liner in my car can hide a multitude of sins, including about 15 feet of extra cables.

Anyway, this meant bringing the car right up to the back door, because it has rained a lot here recently and the back yard is like a mud pit. As I was going to be in and out of the car, on both sides, it was cleaner to bring it onto the concrete.

The rear camera cable is hidden aropund the passenger side of the car.

The rear camera cable is hidden around the passenger side of the car.

the back of the car opened for work.

the back of the car opened for work.

I was busy installing the camera(s), and didn’t think about his lordship. But when I had to get into the back of the car to hide the cables, I was met buy the Lord President himself, and most upset at being disturbed he was too.

guarding the car while I was working on it...Rassilon!

guarding the car while I was working on it…Rassilon!

But I got in the car and moved around and hid the cables, and he still lay there, determined he was NOT going to move and definitely NOT getting out of the car.

We went for a nice long walk this morning in a new area, (I like to give him some variety), so he is tired now, and out of the car (I finished) and asleep on his settee.

So it is time for me to finish washing the dishes, I started about 2 hours ago, but went and did the cameras instead. I will first have a cup of coffee, then wait for my new lounge chairs to arrive.

What an insult…??

In one of the previous posts there is a description of a greyhound.

In that description it says that a greyhound sleeps like a dead cockroach.

I find that description must hurtful, and I am sure Rassilon does too.

When one looks at Rassilon sleeping on his settee, one realizes the resemblance to the Dr Who character, Lord President Rassilon.

Full of dignity and poise, the way he carries himself and…

Well, maybe a bit of a resemblance.

Well, maybe a bit of a resemblance.

…oh, just forget it!

Vacuum feeding.

After a while Rassilon has learned that when I throw something to him, he will enjoy it, so now he just seems to suck it out of the air.

Cheese goes the same way, but after the first piece. Once he’s had that, he realizes it’s food, so catches it.