Sunday Stroll

I was up early this morning working on the computer. There are three houses being built on a block of land that used to have 1 house on it, which means we are going to have some new neighbours.

What I have been doing is taking photos of the building project of the house right next to me, and I am putting them together like a movie, complete with titles, captions and music for the people when they move in. The house is only up to the frame stage now, so I have saved the video project so I can add to it as more gets done to the house.

That's their floor sab right against my driveway.

This is how close they will be. That’s their floor slab right against my driveway, and their garage wall will be right on he edge of that.

So, I was up early this morning, because I couldn’t sleep, I fed Rassilon who went and had a short sleep before coming and pestering me.

Have you ever tried to type on a computer with a dog resting it’s head on your arm? It isn’t easy!!

So, getting his hint, we went for a nice long walk. We went from home to the main road, down to the shopping centre, around the back of that and back home the way we came (because my knees were sore).

On the way we had a woman and her dog following us , and Rassilon was walking all over the place because he was too interested in what was behind him, so we pulled over and let the woman through. Once she was in front, Ras walked perfectly.


Walking so nicely the leash isn't even tiht.

Walking so nicely the leash isn’t even tight.

On the way back we stopped in at the vet so I could (a) weigh Rassilon, and (b) get him used to going to the vet. After I dragged him through the door, he weighed in at 36.4Kg,s, like me, he is a bit over weight. He should weigh about 33Kg (Actually, I am not over weight, I am under tall. If I hadn’t annoyed that witchdoctor everything would be fine).

Once he was weighed, I was talking to one of the girls that works their and we were standing next to the door to the room Rassilon last went into, and he was pushing against me to get away from that door he was hurting my legs, which aren’t supposed to bend the way he was pushing.

He obviously has a good memory, and doesn’t like the vet.  Well, we got home and Rassilon had some frozen chicken to cool him down, and he is now sleeping on his bed. I am thinking I might just go and have a nanna nap myself, after all, I have been up since 7.00am and I went to bed well after midnight.

So in to words of the Two Ronnies, It’s goodnight from me, and it’s goodnight from him.


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