Here it is, our 1st anniversary. It doesn’t seem like 12 months. But it has been a good year for us.

Even more handsome today than 12 months ago, because he is now confident.

Even more handsome today than 12 months ago, because he is now confident.

It has been good for me, seeing the changes in Rassilon from the time I got him, as a nervous wreck that would run away at the sound of a plastic shopping bag rustling, to what I have now, a dog that was outside (on his leash but not pulling), standing no more than 6 feet from a workman with a chainsaw revving flat out, but…just standing there.

And it has been a good year for Rassilon because he is away from the kennels and other greyhounds, which he doesn’t like. He has met Mitzi and loves to go visiting, and he has a whole house to roam around, and gets fed a varying diet, he gets his walks and sometimes meets new people. And he is getting more confident.

This morning when I went to take him for a walk, the tree fellers had started all the chainsaws up to get them warm, they were sitting right in front of the door. and Rassilon didn’t even flinch when we went out, he completely ignored then.

But there is always something to worry him, but in this case it isn’t something he will come across too often. The tree fellers have a big mulching machine to grind up the tree branches. So while Rassilon was not phased standing next to a working chainsaw, when the mulcher started up…he was off, backing away pulling his leash to full length.

But this is about his improvements, letting people that might be considering a greyhound as a pet know that even in extreme cases, like Rassilon, where the dog is massively nervous, the changes do come, and they are worth every moment of having the hound.

The new...Improved Rassilon.

The new…Improved Rassilon. (He has just eaten the meat I left out for the birds).

If you are considering a greyhound, and you live in South Australia, contact the Greyhound Adoption Program via their web site (it answers a lot of questions), http://www.gapsa.org.au, you won’t be disappointed. If you live outside South Australia, other states and other countries have similar programs. And I have NEVER heard anyone say they regret getting a greyhound.



So a BIG thank you to everyone that was instrumental in me getting Rassilon, THANK YOU!!


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