Look at the difference

The blurry photo in the previous post was taken in the vets surgery on the day I got Rassilon. He looks nervous because he has just been taken from his home, sent to the vet who put him to sleep and de-sexed him, then while he was still drowsy, he was brought out and given to someone he doesn’t know. When I write it out, it makes me realise how scarey it must have been for him. No wonder he was so nervous when I got him.

Now…he makes himself at home on my / our bed, but if you catch him getting on the bed he freezes and you still get that worried look of “Am I in trouble“?

Am I in trouble?

Am I in trouble?

Of course, if you disturb him once he is on the bed, be prepared for a dirty look

You woke me for a stinking photo!!

You woke me for a stinking photo!!

But lets face facts. Rassilon has come a long way in his first 12 months. From the nervous look in the vet to the “But I’m pathetic, you’ve got to love me” look

I'm Rassilon...you've got to love me

I’m Rassilon…you’ve got to love me

And love him I shall. With that look, how could I do anything else?


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