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Special treat

Yesterday I went over to my mothers place to take her shopping, so naturally Rassilon came as well.

He is becoming like Kia my Doberman. He lays on the back seat of the car but when he feels a certain sequence of turns, he is up and ready to get out of the car. And people say dogs aren’t smart.

Anyway, he stayed in the house while we went shopping, and my mother bought a treat for us all to have with a drink when we got home. She bought a cheesecake. But Rassilon has already learned food comes from the kitchen, so he waits at the door

Food comes out of this door, so I'll

Food comes out of this door, so I’ll wait…here.

It should come as no surprise that Rassilon likes cheesecake

Not on my training diet, but who cares.

Not on my training diet, but who cares.

He is a tough dog. He don’t need no softy plates, he eats off the floor.

I don't need a plate. (It wont last long enough)

I don’t need a plate.
(It wont last long enough)

Even Mitzi had some cheesecake (before Ras finished it off when she moved away)

If he doesn't need a plate. neither do I.

If he doesn’t need a plate. neither do I.

So when Rassilon had finished HIS  and MITZIs, he still wanted more, and my mother was close, so she was next.

"You don't want all of that...look how skinny I am"

“You don’t want all of that…look how skinny I am”

So for all you greyhound owners, cheesecake makes a quick and enjoyable treat, for you AND your dog, and probably ANY dog.


The sign says it all!

keep calm

…and when you’ve had a greyhound, you will not be able to do anything else but love it.

Trust me on this

(for the uninitiated, the name Rassilon comes from Dr Who. He is the leader of the time lords, and is known as Lord President Rassilon. The saying Trust me on this also comes from Dr Who. Peter Tyler (the Dr’s companions father), is a sales man and says this as his catch phrase.)

He’s changing!

And it is all good.

Recently I have had kisses, (although I think he is only liking my lips to see what I’ve eaten), he has been jumping up at me when I get home and wagging his tail a lot more and is coming into the kitchen, a place he would never enter.

He has been happy and relaxed, (never more so that when he was in his bed the other day).

Im happy

Tonight when he had taken over my bed I noticed his back leg. When I got him he had a bald spot on both back legs about 3 inched round, and quite a bald chest. People said this is caused by stress, and ex-racing dogs are very bad with almost no hair on their back legs (it does slowly grow back as they get de-stressed and relaxed). But as I looked at Rassilon…no bald spot on his legs and his chest is starting to get some hair growing.

in whos bed

Leave me alone, I’m trying to sleep.

That used to be completely bald, as was his chest

That used to be completely bald.

One of the women at work bought him a squeaky toy. It went around the garden, up in the air, it was chewed and jumped on. So I think he liked it, then it came inside.

squeeky toy

I saw 2 signs about greyhounds. The first one could be about ANY dog though.

trade in

Just about ANY dog would!

better than people

Counter Surfing

Today I was running late and had nothing to take to work for dinner, so I cooked up some sausages while I had my coffee. I decided sausages in bread would do, so I cut the sausages to the right length to fit the bread.

I then went to do something else, but when I got back there were only 5 pieces of sausages left and a greyhound standing at the counter with his nose over the top just ready to take another piece of sausage.

Counter surfer

They were for him, but I still told him off for mooching off the benches.

When I first got Rassi, he wouldn’t even come into the kitchen. What a change.

The other night I got a fantastic photo of Rassilon. It shows how relaxed he now is, and just what a state he gets into. Someone at work said that laying on their back shows a dog is comfortable because they are exposing their chest and throat (and everything else).

This is comfortable, as well as relaxed!

Comfortable and relaxed

Loony Dog on the loose

After work I was going to go over to my mother to take her shopping. As I was getting changed I said to Rassilon, do you want to go and see your mum, and he just walked away up the hall.

Then I said, do you want to see Mitzi, and he came running down the hall into the bedroom and up onto the bed and came to a skidding stop, which I took to mean yes.

He got in the car and settled down and when we got to my mothers place he came in and checked for any food before having a run around. He is now lying dow. recovering from his run.

One of the women at work bought him a toy yesterday. Well he went mental with it. He ran up to me and grabbed it and took off around the garden, he threw it around a few times before finally taking it in to bed to chew on.

Well it looks like I am going shopping now, so untill the next blog, enjoy greyhounds.

comfortable in bed

And yet another change for the better.

We had a busy day today. We went for a nice long walk, going a way we haven’t been before, so Rassilon could see and smell new things. Mind you, he didn’t seem too interested.

Later, because it was warm and my back grass (you don’t have a lawn and a greyhound at the same time), was getting somewhat long after our recent rain, I decided to mow it.

Rassilon came out to the shed to see what was happening, and watched me for a few minutes before going back inside. When I first got him he would have been cowering an a bedroom trembling at the sound of the lawn mower, but today, he came and had a look and casually strolled away, no rush.

Then we went over to my mothers place, so Rassilon was quick to get in the car, and when we got there he vacuumed the place looking for anything Mitzi might have left. He was given a chickens foot and a bowl of chicken for tea, and he had an Anzac biscuit, well I had to give him one because he wouldn’t shut up!!

But the nicest change of all. We were watching a Joel Osteen DVD, and I called Rassilon up onto the settee, and he came up and settled down beside me with his head in my lap, getting patted. Of all the things I read about greyhounds, the affection was the part I wanted most, because Kia the Dobie used to climb right up onto my lap and curl up and go to sleep. Rassi hasn’t done anything like that, but today was a big step forward, (he has come up to me before, but I was on his bed at home, this was neutral territory).

Now we are home again, I am back on the Internet, so I can add my bits to this more often, Rassilon is stretched out on his bed and sleeping. It’s been a busy day for greyhounds.

Not so comfortable without the pillow.

The pillow got knocked down,

Comfortable..Yes I am!

Nothing like making yourself at home!

Oh. I think Rassilon must have been ganged up on by other dogs in the kennels before I got him, because he does not like greyhounds, and something like that is all I can think of that might make him dislike other greyhounds. He was terrified by a pack of dogs at playgroup, and he didn’t get on with Peppa. We met another greyhound when we were out walking and he sniffed, but only nose to nose, then ignored her.

On the bright side, he gets on well with small dogs.