getting dressed


I got home from work and had to have something to eat. I am sure Rassilon has a super-power. He can hear cheese.

I was going to have cheese and onion on bread grilled, but as soon as I got the new, sealed pack of cheese from the fridge…there was Rassilon, waiting.

He isn’t allowed onion, so I had to give him some cheese on it’s own. Not that he complained. He spoke nicely for it and did a dance as well.

After I cooked it up I went to bed to watch a DVD and eat my tea.

And not long after along came Rassilon. You know how dogs have a way of letting you know what they want, well all the jumping up and down from the bed and stamping his feet told me he wanted to go for a walk, so, I dragged myself out of bed, got wrapped up, because now it is getting cooler (translation…cold), I put Rassilons’ big polar fleece coat on him, (the personalised one), and his big collar, and we went for a 30 minute walk.

He is now sleeping on his bed.

Luckily greyhounds don’t need long walks. 20 to 30 minutes seems enough.

I took Rassi out one day and somehow got lost and ended up going completely the opposite direction to what I thought I was going.

When I worked out where we were, I thought I was going to have to leave Rassilon and go and get the car to pick him up. At about 33 – 35Kg, I was NOT going to carry him any distance!

It starts with a very sudden onset of slow walking (normal, normal, normal, slow). Then the head goes down, then they look like they are limping and their head bounces up and down. I don’t know what happens after that, I have always got home at that point. Elli was the same when I took her for a long walk.

Anyway, Rassilon looked very handsome in his bright coat and fancy collar. And he enjoyed his walk.

personalised coat

This week I have been giving Rassilon raw meat and dry biscuits for his breakfast, and he loves it. He enjoyed the meatloaf I got him, but after a while he seemed to get bored with it, but he is enjoying the raw meat. I will mix his meals up so he doesn’t get the same thing every meal. (despite what Dr Harry on TV said that dogs like the same food all the time, I have never met a dog that didn’t like a change)

What he particularly enjoys is his chicken, when I come home from work he goes mad jumps up and down, has a zoomie and comes for his chicken.

I have been getting him raw chickens feet, but they aren’t always available, so I have a supply of raw chicken wings. And they don’t go off because Rassilon likes his chicken…FROZEN.


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