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getting dressed


I got home from work and had to have something to eat. I am sure Rassilon has a super-power. He can hear cheese.

I was going to have cheese and onion on bread grilled, but as soon as I got the new, sealed pack of cheese from the fridge…there was Rassilon, waiting.

He isn’t allowed onion, so I had to give him some cheese on it’s own. Not that he complained. He spoke nicely for it and did a dance as well.

After I cooked it up I went to bed to watch a DVD and eat my tea.

And not long after along came Rassilon. You know how dogs have a way of letting you know what they want, well all the jumping up and down from the bed and stamping his feet told me he wanted to go for a walk, so, I dragged myself out of bed, got wrapped up, because now it is getting cooler (translation…cold), I put Rassilons’ big polar fleece coat on him, (the personalised one), and his big collar, and we went for a 30 minute walk.

He is now sleeping on his bed.

Luckily greyhounds don’t need long walks. 20 to 30 minutes seems enough.

I took Rassi out one day and somehow got lost and ended up going completely the opposite direction to what I thought I was going.

When I worked out where we were, I thought I was going to have to leave Rassilon and go and get the car to pick him up. At about 33 – 35Kg, I was NOT going to carry him any distance!

It starts with a very sudden onset of slow walking (normal, normal, normal, slow). Then the head goes down, then they look like they are limping and their head bounces up and down. I don’t know what happens after that, I have always got home at that point. Elli was the same when I took her for a long walk.

Anyway, Rassilon looked very handsome in his bright coat and fancy collar. And he enjoyed his walk.

personalised coat

This week I have been giving Rassilon raw meat and dry biscuits for his breakfast, and he loves it. He enjoyed the meatloaf I got him, but after a while he seemed to get bored with it, but he is enjoying the raw meat. I will mix his meals up so he doesn’t get the same thing every meal. (despite what Dr Harry on TV said that dogs like the same food all the time, I have never met a dog that didn’t like a change)

What he particularly enjoys is his chicken, when I come home from work he goes mad jumps up and down, has a zoomie and comes for his chicken.

I have been getting him raw chickens feet, but they aren’t always available, so I have a supply of raw chicken wings. And they don’t go off because Rassilon likes his chicken…FROZEN.


At home with Rassilo

Rassilon is certainly becoming more confident, although there are still moments when he slips back for a while.

Bur recently I have had a lot more kisses and he is starting to enjoy hugs like other greyhounds seem to.

He has even learned that “Do you want to go and see your mum” means he is going for a ride in the car, and he gets all excited. “Are you going to see Mitzi” sends him into a dance! He races around, but always comes back to my side, as much as to say, “Come on, hurry up”!!

He came bed the other night and looked like a giant spider, spreading his legs out.

Spider feet

And when we go to my mothers place, he is comfortable there.

visiting mum and Mitzi

At this exact moment he is bouncing infront of Mitzi and barking at her, wanting to play!!

12 months on

It is almost 12 months since I got Rassilon, the nervous wreck.

What a difference. I went over to my mothers place during the week,  and she had a visitor, Rassilon went into the house and went straight up to her for a pat.

Today I had people call around to my house and Rassi went to them for a pat, and because we were working on the computer, he took himself to bed and just ignored everyone.

When they were leaving, they went past his bed and gave him a pat, and he just laid there.

When I first got Rassilon I had someone come around to fix my taps, and Rallilon was hiding in the bedroom. What a difference.

I had a sad moment at work this week when I finished the job I had to do. I was given a 6 month contract and just finished the job, after almost 12 months, but the sad thought occured to me that when I started the job, I had a beautiful Doberman.

Mind you, I am not complaining about Rassilon. He is here to stay, and I love seeing these little changes. One day I may even take him back to GAP, purely for a visit!!!

This bed settee folds out to a double bed, but folded up, it just fits Rassilon

This bed settee folds out to a double bed, but folded up, it just fits Rassilon

Were not all greyhound trainers!!

I apologies for the delay in adding to this page, but I am in the process of changing ISP, and I need the home phone line connected, and TELSTRA say it will take a month. Of course, I expect that if I had gone with them as ISP, it would have been connected in a few days, not the month they say now.Anyway, I am using another computer to add this piece that I feel needs to be said.

After all the bad press about greyhound trainers in Queensland, and their cruel and disgusting treatment of their dogs, ordinary greyhound owners have been getting abused while out walking their dogs. This hasn’t happened to me yet, but I just hope that anyone that might try it will be as happy to receive the abuse they will receive in return.

But for people that read this site, here is how Rassilon is treated. You decide if he is abused or spoiled rotten.

In a Rassilon wardrobe we have…12 collars, including the $46.00 handmade 2″ Martingale collar. I don’t wear the same clothes all the time, so why should Rassilon. He does not wear a collar all the time, only when we go out, so no irritation or bald spots on his neck.

Some of his 'clothes'

Some of his ‘clothes’

On that thought…there are 6 coats, ranging from the rain coat to 3 personalised coats (2 with the seal of Rassilon embroidered on them and one with his name embroidered on it), his green GAP fleece coat and a personalised lightweight summer coat with his name embroidered on it. And my mother is knitting him a woollen coat in the colours of Dr Who’s, (Tom Baker), scarf*, so that will be 7 coats.

A viriety of coats

A viriety of coats

Leashes…well he has 6 hanging inside and I believe another 3 in the car (with another collar). And beside the leashes, hopefully never to be worn, there are 2 muzzles.

Life is variety (the extender leash doesn't get used)

Life is variety (the extender leash doesn’t get used)

The fridge/freezer. The freezer part is full of nothing but dog food and treats, (Rassi loves his frozen chicken). There is also food in the fridge that I haven’t cut up and bagged yet, so he could survive quite well for at least a month, because he also has 2 X 18Kg bags of biscuits to go with the meat

Sleeping. Rassilon has his own bed (which he obviously finds comfortable), but at night he prefers to sleep on my bed.

4 His bed 5 his bed sign 6 comfortable in bed 7 on my bed

During the day Rassilon has free access to the whole house, he is not restricted to a single room. When I am home the back door is left open and he can come in or go out as he wants.

And…there is a rubbish/storage bin FULL of toys, plenty of toys outside AND his own sandpit which took 200Kg of sand (most of which is now spread all around the sandpit and not in the sandpit).

So before anyone wants to make comment about cruelty to greyhounds, think about how Rassilon is treated, and simply the fact that he was a rescue dog from GAP. I chose to have a greyhound as a pet, and I know of a lot of “pets” that have a much tougher life than Rassilon.

Like so many others, I am disgusted by the treatment of these beautiful animals, and I think the old English law should be reinstated. If someone injured or killed a greyhound, the penalty was DEATH. And for some of these people we have heard about, slow and painful would be my personal choice. Let them suffer like they made the dogs suffer.

(* Rassilon is a name from Dr Who. The head Time Lord is called ‘Lord President Rassilon’).