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Caring and sharing

Life with a greyhound is about sharing. Sharing your house, your garden, your car, everything.

And in return they share their love and sand pit.

Innocent enough

Innocent enough

Looking at Rassilon lying in my bed, you may wonder what the white blur is near his chest. Well…

It's sand

It’s sand

It is sand from his sand pit. He likes to bring it into my bed, so I can try to sleep on sandpaper.

On the other hand, a lesson for dog owners in general.

If you are going to ask, “You wouldn’t like this, would you”?, don’t use what you planned to have for tea!

He does like fish!

He does like fish!

Instead of grilled mackerel on toast, I had to have a pie and chips.


Time changes everything

I had a day off work, but as it turned out, I had to go to work to deliver a package. So I took Rassilon.

As I was getting ready to leave, a couple of the women, who had met Rassilon when I first got him, were just arriving, so I took Rassi over to meet them.

They said about the difference in him. He was a lot less nervous than he had been the first time he met them, and he was quite happy to stand there and let them pat him.

2 more women came along and started to pat him, and one kneeled down to his level, and was given a paw, for no apparent reason other than a thank you.

They were all impressed at his improvement.

Later, I had someone come to the house to do an inspection (the reason I had the day off), and Rassilon went out and got patted by him.

The maintenance person that looks after the house even said that when he had first come to the house, Rassilon was nowhere to be seen, and when he was found, he was trembling in a bedroom. This time he was hanging around and even letting them pat him.

So even though I might not see the improvement all the time, because I am there all the time, others certainly do.

And they all said how he has improved.

We even had people we don’t know saying how good looking he was.

Who could argue that he is not a good looking dog?

Who could argue that he is not a good looking dog?