Big News.

For some reason unknown to me, I have not been able to post here recently. It just kept shutting down and I’d loose all my text.

But today I have big news. Rassilon has learned to speak.

(NOTE ADDED 4 MONTHS LATER. I don’t know that teaching him to speak was a good thing, because he will speak whenever he wants something. Try watching a DVD with a big dog barking at you because he wants you tea!!)

All my Dobies could speak, but I was informed that greyhounds don’t bark much. That makes training a dog to speak difficult, because I use the dog’s natural barking to associate the with word SPEAK. After a while they get it backwards and when I say speak, they bark.

With Kia it took a bag of burger rings. With Rassilon it was 2 slices of ham and one slice of cheese and he would speak. And he remembered the next day, and every day since.

Now all I have to do it teach him to shut up.

I am going to have to dig up his dust bowl and fill it with sand. Although, the way he was spraying the dirt around the other day, there won’t be much to dig up.

He certainly enjoys laying out in the dirt. But the past few days have been uncomfortably hot, so he was trying to get cool.


The only problem is, he will go out into the dirt and cover himself with the fine sandy dust, then come to bed with me, and all the dirt that was on him is transferred to the bed.

Anyway, joy abounds here with a ‘speaking’ greyhound. I am so thrilled that he has come along so far to be able to learn this so quickly (when I was bothered teaching him).


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