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Relaxing and eating

As a nice treat for Rassilon, I gave him 8 mini hot dogs.

Now I know why greyhounds are so skinny. He ate them all, but it was the way he ate them that made me understand.

He came to his dinner bowl and took 1 hot dog, trotted out into the garden to eat it, then he came back and got another hot dog and took it into the garden…8 times.

Eat and run

Eat and run

Lucky me. I came home from work today. I can only guess I got sunstroke yesterday doing the sand box. I went to work, but had to come home. I felt like I had the flu. Not the sick feeling, but the aches and pains. By lunch time I could hardly stand up, so I just went to bed. I got up had a cup of coffee and went back to bed. Got up and had something to eat, watched a DVD while I was eating, and fell asleep, so it is another cup of coffee and back to bed.

After a long week of hot weather, it is nice to be able to open the house up and try to cool it down.

Rassilon does not cope well with the heat, and on Sunday night he slept outside in his sand pit and wouldn’t come in.

In the hot weather he just wants to be left alone, but now it is cooling down he is getting more smoochy. Sleeping is a great joy to behold as he gets into some interesting positions.

folded up

All folded together

All unfolded and relaxing

All unfolded and relaxing


Hot work these greyhounds.

Sick of going to bed with sandpaper sheets, I decided to upgrade Rassilons’ sandbox, to real sand.

It had a fine soil in it, which, as I was to find out by getting VERY dirty, when I started to shovel it out (just when the sun decided to come out to 40 degrees Celsius), was like shoveling talcum powder.

200kg of nice clean sand.

200kg of nice clean sand.

Now, 200Kg of sand later, he has a sandbox that is almost full of nice sand.  I think it could do with another 200Kg, but I am not going out in the heat to buy it, and certainly not to dig out the rest of the sandbox.

When I went to buy the sand I left Rassi at home because it was quite hot. When I got home he was barking, but I have to close the gates before he comes out.

When I opened the door, he came racing out and ran through the garden soaker hose spray. Then to show he is not a nancy dog, he came back through the spray as well.

Soaker spray, a new source of cool

Soaker spray, a new source of cool

On hot days I might have to leave that running for him to cool off in the spray, and it won’t hurt the garden to get wet.

P.S. the bare patch in the lawn…greyhound turning zone. I will never have a prize garden with Rassilon around.

Big News.

For some reason unknown to me, I have not been able to post here recently. It just kept shutting down and I’d loose all my text.

But today I have big news. Rassilon has learned to speak.

(NOTE ADDED 4 MONTHS LATER. I don’t know that teaching him to speak was a good thing, because he will speak whenever he wants something. Try watching a DVD with a big dog barking at you because he wants you tea!!)

All my Dobies could speak, but I was informed that greyhounds don’t bark much. That makes training a dog to speak difficult, because I use the dog’s natural barking to associate the with word SPEAK. After a while they get it backwards and when I say speak, they bark.

With Kia it took a bag of burger rings. With Rassilon it was 2 slices of ham and one slice of cheese and he would speak. And he remembered the next day, and every day since.

Now all I have to do it teach him to shut up.

I am going to have to dig up his dust bowl and fill it with sand. Although, the way he was spraying the dirt around the other day, there won’t be much to dig up.

He certainly enjoys laying out in the dirt. But the past few days have been uncomfortably hot, so he was trying to get cool.


The only problem is, he will go out into the dirt and cover himself with the fine sandy dust, then come to bed with me, and all the dirt that was on him is transferred to the bed.

Anyway, joy abounds here with a ‘speaking’ greyhound. I am so thrilled that he has come along so far to be able to learn this so quickly (when I was bothered teaching him).

Changes afoot

In the last 2 weeks Rassilon has changed so much it is fantastic.

Now I can raise my voice when he is near without having to get him back in from the garden.

Noisy shopping bags used to send him running. Yesterday he was sticking his head into the bags to see what I had bought.

Clapping used to have him running. 3 days ago he came and stuck his head between my hands while I was clapping.

He has again taken to coming to bed with me.

And today, for the first time since I have had him, Rassilon had a bath. Once in the bath he seemed to enjoy himself. He was trembling for about a minute until he realized he was actually getting patted all over then he relaxed and just stood there and enjoyed the experience.

It is great to have a dog that is so good straight away (like Kia), but it is great to see how the dog changes over time. Rassilon has a bit to go yet, but all these changes make having him worth while.

Pets give love freely. We should return that love.

Pets give love freely. We should return that love.