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Taking a chance

The law and GAP say that a greyhound MUST be on a leash at all times when in public areas, and for most of the time Rassilon is, I even carry his green collar ID badge.

It is easy to take him out to public areas because he loves the car. I only have to leave the door open for a while and he gets in.

car friendly

Apparently this is not uncommon for greyhounds, and Rassilon gets in and settles down on the back seat and just lays there. Kia, my Doberman would settle down, but you had to go for a long, long drive before she would lay down, and she would start whining within about 1 minute of theĀ  car moving. But this was excitement, because she too loved going forĀ  a drive.

The other day I went over to see my mother and obviously took Rassilon. But when I got there I let him out of the car and walked him into the house as usual, except this time I didn’t put his collar or leash on.

I have had the feeling for a while that if let off the leash he would not run away (I do not include the beach in this though. Off the leash on the beach = goodbye Rassilon).

He walked beside me and didn’t wander off course and went straight into the house, and his leash and collar were on the front seat of the car, where they have stayed since.

leash still on seat

This is as comfortable as I feel at the moment. Perhaps later when he is better trained I will be willing to try something a bit more daring.


Happy Anniversary


I have had Rassilon for 7 months and the change is incredible. He is happy and not quite so nervous. Some things still get him, but other things he was scared of when I got him are no longer a problem.

We celebrated Christmas together, it was great. He came to bed and got a hug and pat, and he wanted to play. Now that didn’t happen 7 months ago.

He sleeps on his own bed now. When I first got him he slept on the floor, then on my bed, but now he is more comfortable on his own bed, to the exclusion of me I may add. I was tired after a week of work, so I went home, put a pillow on the settee and went to make a cup of coffee, with the intention of laying down and watching the cricket. Well that didn’t happen.

Rassilon appreciated the pillow!!

Rassilon appreciated the pillow!!

And of course there is the sleeping on his back. When I was looking at pictures of greyhounds, they seemed to like sleeping on their back, but Rassilon didn’t. But recently, that too has changed.

Rassi takes up a full 3 seater settee, but he's comfortable.

Rassi takes up a full 3 seater settee, but he’s comfortable.

Today I get a paw on request, and if I am eating, I get a paw without the request. The next thing I hope to teach him is to speak on command. My Doberman learned to speak in one bag of burger rings. I just have to find the right treat for Rassilon.

Be aware, the following picture is doggy porn, for mature audiences.

Showing off his talents, and everything else.

Showing off his talents, and everything else.

Rassilon the gardener


Rassilon has taken to gardening. It was a warm day turning humid in the evening, so it feels hotter now than it did earlier. In an effort to keep cool, Rassi found a cool bit of garden. Unfortunately it was several inches under the surface. So he exposed the cool bit to lay in.

Exposing the cool bits

Exposing the cool bits

Of course, one may question if it was Rassilon, because the gates are left open when we go out, and we did go to the beach today, so any stray dog could wander into the garden. And we wouldn’t like to wrongly accuse the dog. We need evidence.

Keeping cool in the damp soil.

Keeping cool in the damp soil.

Okay, I think we have evidence!!