Alone again

It was a sad day for Rassilon and Mitzi. My mother came home from her 6 week holiday in Tasmania. I went to the airport to pick her up and took Mitzi with me.

Unfortunately, Mitzi has had 6 weeks to forget her, especially as that 6 weeks was filled with a full time companion…Rassilon. So there wasn’t the big warm greeting when my mother got in the car, in fact, I had to lift Mitzi from the back seat.

And Rassilon may need to go back on his Rescue Remedy drops for a while, or even another course of antibiotics. He was nervous around my mother tonight, and when she turned the air conditioner on, he jumped up on the settee with me. Yesterday we all went to the beach, and there was a young boy digging in the sand, and we went over and he patted Rassilon and Mitzi, and Rassilon didn’t seem to mind that. (I try to introduce Rassilon to people so he can get used to people).

He is not going to enjoy himself over the weekend because the temperature is going to be up in the 40’s and Rassi doesn’t like the heat or humidity.

I have started introducing him to the paddling pool that he uses as a giant water bowl. I got him to give me his paw and I paddled it in the water until he had enough, then I did the same with the other paw. Because of his nervous disposition I don’t want to rush him or I might put him off the pool altogether.

I think he is going to miss Mitzi around the place for a while, but it only took 6 weeks for them to forget my mother, so he will get over it, and we will still go and visit.


Now that is a depressed look!


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