What a difference

For about 30 years I had Doberman’s. In reality that was only 3 dogs. If anyone is considering a Doberman for a pet, make sure you get a female. The males are still fantastic dogs but it will be a constant fight for the alpha position. Where the females have such a beautiful temperament.

However, one similarity between both male and females is their dislike of rain. Kia, my last Dobie, got out one day when she was still young. I thought I was going to be late for work because I was going to have to go looking for her. Then it started to rain, so I just opened the front door because I knew she would not be away from long in the rain, and within a few minutes, there she was at the door.

Now, this morning it has finally started raining. It has been looking like it will rain for a few days, but it has now arrived. And this is where I noticed the big difference between Dobermans and Greyhounds.

I was looking for Rassilon and found him, walking around outside in the rain.

Doesn't care about the rain

Doesn’t care about the rain

Enjoying the weather.

Enjoying the weather.


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