Getting better all the time

Well, Rassilon has finished his course of anti-biotics and the improvements are incredible.

He has started to play with his toys, even catching them when I throw them to him. Before he just ran away. He not only catches them but shakes them, throws them around and even takes them on a zoomie around the garden.

Even better, (sort of), he has started to bark when he wants to go outside. I say it is sort of better because it isn’t that thrilling when he wants to go out at 2.00 in the morning. But it is a great step forward in behavior.

The only problem is that any toys you give him end up in the garden.

The other day I gave him some pork chip treats before I went to work and they were still there when I got home. For tea I had toasted chilli bean sandwiches and I left one on the plate. The next morning when I got up all the port chips were gone as was the chilli bean sandwich. I am not surprised that Rassilon didn’t eat the treats when I was at work because my Doberman, Kia, wouldn’t eat when she was alone either, and would wait till I got home to eat any treats left for her.

Anyway, a simple course of tablets has helped Rassilon improve and become more like the dog I want, not a nervous wreck like he was, mind you, when we go to my mothers place he still keeps an eye on the ceiling fans!


The orange 'toy' is actually my car washing mitt!

The orange ‘toy’ is actually my car washing mitt!


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