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Dog Etiquette

Dog etiquette states that a male must always give up his seat for a female

Etiquette at work

Etiquette at work

And if correct manners impress, you could end up in bed together.

Only sleeping!!

Only sleeping!!

Size is the big difference in this case.

Using the same hand to pat the dogs shows that off perfectly.






Guard dogs

On Monday I went to work. As I drove out the drive way I realized the front awning was down, so the dogs couldn’t see out, so I stopped and went to open it.

As I did I was greeted by the dogs.

When I got home from work Rassilon had a mad fit, attacking his toys and racing around the garden.

I saw a video on You Tube of a greyhound playing in a sand pit, kicking up the sand and going for a run around the garden. I think Rassilon saw the video too, because that’s what he was doing. Then he chased Mitzi around until she got tired and came inside, Rassilon is now laying in the sand pit cooling off.

Mitzi watching

Mitzi watching



Rassilon has a new friend. Unfortunately she is only here for 6 weeks before my mother will want her back.

But seeing Rassi chasing Mitzi around the garden and dropping into the play position (head down bum up), and barking at her to play while she hides under the car, is great fun.

Normally Mitzi sits by the door and wont move, but since she found an old rawhide bone that Rassilon wouldn’t eat, she chose to settle down on the lawn, next to Rassilon, and chew the bone. And of course, when she came in, the bone came too


The bone came in as well

The bone came in as well

Lost dog

Friday 21/11/2014 I got up last night to let the dogs out, but I could only find Rassilon. He went out while I searched for Mitzi. I checked the settee she jumped on, I checked my chair, I checked her bed in the hall, I checked the TV room and even the laundry and bedroom, but no dog. I knew she couldn’t have run away because the gates were closed and the fences are way too high for her to jump, but she was nowhere to be found. I let Rassilon in and as he went to bed I noticed a little movement from the blanket on his settee.

No wonder I couldn't find her

No wonder I couldn’t find her

In the morning I put Mitzi in the hall end of the house and blocked the hall with a big lounge chair so the dogs were separated, then I left to go and deliver some mail. When I was out I realised I had left my phone at home, and as I had plenty of time I went back to get it. When I opened the back door I was greeted by 2 dogs. Mitzi had found a small gap between the chair and wall and got through. I put her back and blocked the gaps, then I went to work. When I got home and opened the back door I was met by 2 dogs again. The holes were all still sealed, so I can only guess that Mitzi had to jump over the back of the chair. As I am writing this the dogs are outside. Rassilon wants to play with Mitzi, but she just wants to come in and is sitting at the door. Rassi has had her running around the garden, but there is no competition (really, a greyhound Vs a Chihuahua cross is 1 step = 4 steps at walking pace. Running is more like 1 pace to 12). Still, Mitzi is a bit overweight, so some exercise will be good for her, and her diet is being restricted too. She didn’t eat her dinner when I was at work, and when I moved the chair, Rassilon didn’t take long to find it. Unlike Elli, Rassilon likes having Mitzi around. Greyhounds are supposed to be bed protective, food protective and toy protective, but Rassilon has shown he is not any of them…look at the photos.

NOT bed protective

NOT bed protective

Visiting guest

As my mother travels to Tasmania for Christmas, Mitzi, her dog, has come to stay with us.

We dropped the dogs off at my house and left them together at about 1.00pm. I took my mother to the airport and on the way home I stopped off for a hamburger and then went to visit some friends. As I was there I was worried about what was happening to Mitzi, knowing that Rassilon did attack Elli.

When I got home at about 6.15pm, the two dogs were fine.’

I brought home a couple of small hamburgers for Rassilon, he ate one but Mitzi pinched the other one.

Mitzi has chosen the lounge over her own bed to sleep on, and Rassi is still on his own bed. On the bright side, when Mitzi jumped up onto Rassilons bed, he didn’t bother about her.

I am not taking chances though, I will keep them separated while I am at work.

One problem has arisen already, Mitzi has peed on the floor in front of the kitchen. I let the dogs out in the morning and Mitzi didn’t get more than 3 feet from the door, so she obviously isn’t going to the toilet outside, and she will be getting restricted to the bathroom and laundry if she wants to keep making a mess inside.

What a difference

Monday. I wanted to go shopping to buy some coffee, so I stopped off and picked up Rassilon, because he loves going out in the car.

When I got to the shops I was walking to the shop I wanted, but had to pass the pizza parlor and the smell was so nice I decided to have pizza for tea. I did my shopping and ordered the pizza. They said it would be about 15 minutes, so I decided to take Rassilon for a walk up the main road.

I started off by walking past the shops where there was a few people, and Rassi did not flinch. He walked along and wasn’t pulling or looking around, he just walked along . He ignored the traffic, he even pulled over to see people passing by.

When we went back a woman stopped and wanted to pat him. There was a bit of a backward step, but he moved forward again and let her pat him. As we were talking 2 men walked past and patted him, again, he just stood there. When the men came back they stopped and patted him and he just stood there.

As I am writing this he is standing looking at me and wagging his tail. He has really improved so much in such a short time, I am so thrilled with his improvement. Mind you, it might be the pizza he had for tea that is making him happy. (Yes, I bought him a meat only pizza just for himself).

Only yesterday I was hitting him with a shoe, and he stood there and let me. When I first got him, he would have run away if I picked the shoe up and moved towards him. (I used to train with professional wrestlers and learned to hit without hurting).

Half in Half out, but still eating tea.

Half in Half out, but still eating tea.

At Last

When first looking at greyhounds, I saw pictures of dogs asleep on their back or cuddling up to their owner, and while that was what I wanted, Rassilon wasn’t like that.


After his tablets it is all changed.

Mad dog jumping on the bed wanting to play (at 5.00 am), speaking to go out to the toilet (at 1.30am), sitting on the lounge with me watching TV, kisses¬†and this morning, I was greeted by the sight in the picture, except it did wag it’s tail, but only twice.

I have settled in, now rub the belly!!

I have settled in, now rub the belly!!