Grey gardening

Last night I decided to have fish and chips, because I was hungry after a hard day at work. So on the way home I bought some.

When I got home I fed Rassilon and I sat down on the floor to my fish and chips in paper. Complete with an audience!!

One greyhound standing several millimeters away and staring at the food then me. Every time I took a bite of the fish, he almost followed it into my mouth.

When I was full I let him finish off the fish and chips. He then decided to take the paper into the garden and create Greyhound confetti. So as I let my tea settle I was also able to enjoy my time in the garden picking up all the paper.

Now, it might sound like an unnecessary chore, but 4 months ago when I got Rassilon, he would have run away if I had raised my voice to him or thrown paper at him, as I did (playing!!!), yesterday. So it was actually very fulfilling for me to be able to do that and see how much he has improved.

He is still nervous, and I have given him some more Rescue Remedy drops, because he had a bad turn on the weekend when he wouldn’t even come into the kitchen to get a piece of chicken. I didn’t try to tell him off or anything because I too had not been well on the weekend, ending up in the toilet, throwing up. So at least Rassi wasn’t that bad.

We went for a walk today and he did very well. He started to keep an eye on what was happening behind him, but a few more days of the RR drops and he should be worry free.

Another term used by greyhound owners is ‘counter surfing’, and it refers to the greyhound activity of mooching off the kitchen benches. Being tall makes ‘counter surfing’ an easy pastime for greyhounds.

So innocent looking.

So innocent looking.

Of course Rassilon is such an innocent looking dog that I doubt that even the thought of counter surfing would enter his head.

I expect the butter I left in the bowl on the kitchen bench attracted mice…BIG mice.

Big mice did it.

Big mice did it.



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