Fear and Bravery

Thursday. I picked up my mother and Rassilon and went back to her house. We were going to have fish and chips for tea, but while we were waiting my mother switched on the ceiling fans. The result was Rassilon at the other end of the house and refusing to come back into the lounge. After calling him for a few minutes I went to see him and he was trembling.

I had to take him out of the house through the laundry, around the house and through the garden, a quick walk around the park and back into the house, but he was still nervous going into the house, and he jumped up onto the settee with me.

Elli was the same, she didn’t like the ceiling fans.

On Saturday, Rassilon has cut his paw. It isn’t bad and I think it was probably caused by him running around the garden and trying to go over a couple of tree stumps in the garden. He has tried to run over them before, as a result I have decided not to go for a walk to the beach, but to stay in and watch Bathurst (or the ads with occasional race reports).

Tous Avec Jules.”


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