House Proud?

There are many reasons NOT to get a greyhound. Sadly, some people put their house before their comfort and pleasure (I actually knew someone like that).

But, if you are house proud and cant stand seeing anything out of place, and that is definitely not me, then a greyhound probably isn’t for you.

Firstly, they like to get comfortable. Rassilon has found that my bed is very comfortable, so that is where he sleeps.

Secondly, greyhounds shed hair, especially when they are loosing their winter coat, so if you don’t want dog hair everywhere, a greyhound isn’t for you.

Thirdly, greyhounds like toys, or in Rassilons case, clothes, and they will carry them around the house. I don’t know if my socks in the office was a hint, but he brought them in to me.

Fourthly, in South Australia at least, greyhounds MUST be kept on a leash at ALL TIME in public areas. And I can tell you that can be hard. When you are on the beach or in a big park and you just want to let the dog go and stretch it’s legs, keeping it on a leash feels cruel.

But when you come home and you get that big warm welcome, and (if you are the type), you get a big kiss from your dog, you know it is happy and that makes you happy and reduces any stress you might have.

Then you realize that you have to vacuum the house before you do anything, but hey, that is part of having a greyhound.

Today I am taking Rassilon down to the beach, and this time I am going prepared. Shorts, sandals and a towel, so we can go into the water and paddle our feet. I wonder what he will think of that??


Dog Hair, and biscuit crumbs. ALL THE TIME!

Dog Hair, and biscuit crumbs. ALL THE TIME!

How True

How True


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