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It’s my own fault!!

I have no one to blame but myself.

I was the one who thought Rassilon was not well and took him to the vet.

I am the one who made him take the anti-biotic tablets.

So why shouldn’t I be the one that gets woken up at 6.00am on a Saturday by a loony greyhound that wants to play? And when I didn’t want to get up and play, he stood at the end of the bed and barked at me.

Now there is a rewarding side to this, if you want to look at it that way. Firstly, Rassilon must be feeling better because in the 4 months I have had him he has never wanted to play like this. Secondly, he has barked but usually when I get home and he is waiting to get let out. But greyhounds are known for not barking a lot, but they do bark (sometimes) when they are playing, so he was actually telling me he wanted to play.

So, despite the 6.00am bit, everything was quite exciting for me to see these improvements.

Another good thing about his recent episode of feeling down is that he has taken to sleeping on his own bed and leaving me in peace at night (He preferred sleeping either in the middle of the bed or across the bed).


On his own bed, but NO, he's not as innocent as he looks!!

On his own bed, but NO, he’s not as innocent as he looks!!



Not a hot dog

After a weekend where the weather heated up, I had to put up with a heavily panting Rassilon.

This worried me because of what I have heard about greyhounds and panting. So on Monday I was worried about how he was coping with the heat at home, that triggered my anxiety and I had to come home from work (the anxiety and a stuffed shoulder).

On Tuesday I took Rassi to the vet only to be told he is fine, very slightly over weight, although he doesn’t look it (he should be 33kg and he was 35.1kg), but the vet gave me some antibiotic tablets for him just in case he has a bit of an infection from when he cut his foot or lingering infection after his desexing op.

Of course the tablets are about an inch wide. Rassilon isn’t overly keen on taking that, but he had it tonight…13 to go!!

I also got tablets for the anxiety which comes on more than it should and usually ends up with me throwing up. My tablets…$17.20. Rassilons tablets…$54.20.

My trip to the doctor…free. Rassilons trip to the vet…$64.00.

He has a paddling pool in the back yard for the hot weather, but he hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet.

Still learning

Still learning

When Rassi goes out he is like a chameleon. His brindle colour changes and he gets darker stripes of red/bridle

Chameleonic dog

Chameleonic dog

Still Praying for Jules Bianchi

Grey gardening

Last night I decided to have fish and chips, because I was hungry after a hard day at work. So on the way home I bought some.

When I got home I fed Rassilon and I sat down on the floor to my fish and chips in paper. Complete with an audience!!

One greyhound standing several millimeters away and staring at the food then me. Every time I took a bite of the fish, he almost followed it into my mouth.

When I was full I let him finish off the fish and chips. He then decided to take the paper into the garden and create Greyhound confetti. So as I let my tea settle I was also able to enjoy my time in the garden picking up all the paper.

Now, it might sound like an unnecessary chore, but 4 months ago when I got Rassilon, he would have run away if I had raised my voice to him or thrown paper at him, as I did (playing!!!), yesterday. So it was actually very fulfilling for me to be able to do that and see how much he has improved.

He is still nervous, and I have given him some more Rescue Remedy drops, because he had a bad turn on the weekend when he wouldn’t even come into the kitchen to get a piece of chicken. I didn’t try to tell him off or anything because I too had not been well on the weekend, ending up in the toilet, throwing up. So at least Rassi wasn’t that bad.

We went for a walk today and he did very well. He started to keep an eye on what was happening behind him, but a few more days of the RR drops and he should be worry free.

Another term used by greyhound owners is ‘counter surfing’, and it refers to the greyhound activity of mooching off the kitchen benches. Being tall makes ‘counter surfing’ an easy pastime for greyhounds.

So innocent looking.

So innocent looking.

Of course Rassilon is such an innocent looking dog that I doubt that even the thought of counter surfing would enter his head.

I expect the butter I left in the bowl on the kitchen bench attracted mice…BIG mice.

Big mice did it.

Big mice did it.


Fear and Bravery

Thursday. I picked up my mother and Rassilon and went back to her house. We were going to have fish and chips for tea, but while we were waiting my mother switched on the ceiling fans. The result was Rassilon at the other end of the house and refusing to come back into the lounge. After calling him for a few minutes I went to see him and he was trembling.

I had to take him out of the house through the laundry, around the house and through the garden, a quick walk around the park and back into the house, but he was still nervous going into the house, and he jumped up onto the settee with me.

Elli was the same, she didn’t like the ceiling fans.

On Saturday, Rassilon has cut his paw. It isn’t bad and I think it was probably caused by him running around the garden and trying to go over a couple of tree stumps in the garden. He has tried to run over them before, as a result I have decided not to go for a walk to the beach, but to stay in and watch Bathurst (or the ads with occasional race reports).

Tous Avec Jules.”

House Proud?

There are many reasons NOT to get a greyhound. Sadly, some people put their house before their comfort and pleasure (I actually knew someone like that).

But, if you are house proud and cant stand seeing anything out of place, and that is definitely not me, then a greyhound probably isn’t for you.

Firstly, they like to get comfortable. Rassilon has found that my bed is very comfortable, so that is where he sleeps.

Secondly, greyhounds shed hair, especially when they are loosing their winter coat, so if you don’t want dog hair everywhere, a greyhound isn’t for you.

Thirdly, greyhounds like toys, or in Rassilons case, clothes, and they will carry them around the house. I don’t know if my socks in the office was a hint, but he brought them in to me.

Fourthly, in South Australia at least, greyhounds MUST be kept on a leash at ALL TIME in public areas. And I can tell you that can be hard. When you are on the beach or in a big park and you just want to let the dog go and stretch it’s legs, keeping it on a leash feels cruel.

But when you come home and you get that big warm welcome, and (if you are the type), you get a big kiss from your dog, you know it is happy and that makes you happy and reduces any stress you might have.

Then you realize that you have to vacuum the house before you do anything, but hey, that is part of having a greyhound.

Today I am taking Rassilon down to the beach, and this time I am going prepared. Shorts, sandals and a towel, so we can go into the water and paddle our feet. I wonder what he will think of that??


Dog Hair, and biscuit crumbs. ALL THE TIME!

Dog Hair, and biscuit crumbs. ALL THE TIME!

How True

How True

good news is bad news too

Sadly/happily Elli has gone back to GAP.

I hope she will go to someone that will be able to give her the attention she wants, and that can be with her all the time, because when she is left alone she gets so excited when you come back she goes into berserk mode and goes deaf and will not do what she is told, but with a bit of discipline, she will be fantastic.

Typically, she had to go and cut her leg on the morning I was taking her back to GAP. It looked worse that it was and I put some cream on it. Anyway, Rassilon seems happier, he even got up on the settee, and was enjoying a run in the garden.

We went for a walk along the beach today, the first time I have had him on the beach, and he loved it. He wanted to get off the leash and stretch out, but I would never see him again if I did that. He didn’t want to get his feet wet, but one day when it is warmer and I have sandals and shorts on, I will take him a bit closer to the water so he can get wet.

During the week we went to work to meet the women from the office. He was still nervous, but slightly better than the first time he met them. His coat, however, was much, much better, and they all commented on it. They said he was looking better, but when they first met him he was under weight and had an infection and his coat was all dry and wiry.

Anyway, we tried him with a companion and found it doesn’t work, so it is the solitary life for Rassilon from now on, only having visitors, not permanent residents.

This says it all.

This says it all.

This bed settee folds out to a double bed, but folded up, it just fits Rassilon

This bed settee folds out to a double bed, but folded up, it just fits Rassilon