Greyhounds as pets

After 30 years of owning Dobermans (that was only 3 dogs), I have changed breed to Greyhounds. I got the idea from a woman at work who was going to adopt one when she retires, but I couldn’t wait. I had just had my beautiful Kia put down due to cancer, and the house seemed so empty without her.

P5200222 So I looked on the Internet and found the Greyhound Adoption Program of South Australia (GAPSA), I contacted them, and by a miracle, I had a dog in about 2 weeks. The big problem was, that up to the time I went to pick up the dog, I had never actually seen a greyhound in the flesh. When I got to the GAP office I saw my first greyhound. A beautiful gray (known as blue) female. When I got to see MY dog, I thought to myself “Flip (or words to that effect), he is BIG” He was brought straight out of the vets surgery where he had just been desexed, and he was BIG. He was at least 9 inches taller than the first one I had seen, and now weighs in at a gentle 33kg The first thing I did was to change his name from Casper to Rassilon. He now answers to Rassilon when I call him. And RRRRRRRRRassilon will calm him down when he gets frightened or nervous. He was great in the car on the way home, but unfortunately over the weekend got an infection. He recovered from that, but I believe it took about 3 months to completely clear his system. Anyway, I have been thinking about getting Rassilon a companion, as he is left alone all day when I go to work, and recent events have shown that he suffers from separation anxiety, (why not, he suffers from general anxiety). Anyway, some more contact with GAPSA and they have a small (22kg) female for me. She suits my needs, and I suit hers. She is black and her current name is Peppa, but it will change to Peri GAP tries to house the dog in a home that is best for the dog as well as the owner. Anyway, this little girl has been desexed already, so I don’t have to go through all that, and she has her green collar (meaning she doesn’t need to war a muzzle in public), so that saves me a 45 minute drive down to GAP to get her assessed. She gets on well with other dogs, and prefers to have other doggy company, and I hope that some company will take the stress out of Rassilon. Further news on the Foster2Adopt of Peppa/Peri to follow.   P.S. For the uninitiated, Rassilon is the Chief of the Time Lords in Dr Who, and Peri was the companion of the 5th Dr, Peter Davidson, fom1984 to 1986)


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