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Changes afoot

Thursday, after a hectic week at work, I stopped of on the way home and bought some frozen Pizza for an easy tea.

As it was a bit plain I added some chicken tikka from a packet meal, and covered that in cheese. When it was ready I went to bed (at about 6.00pm) to watch a DVD and have my tea.

Sitting on the bed was a large 33kg Brindle greyhound. He was watching me eating, and when I asked him what he wanted he looked at the pizza, then he looked at me and than gave one wag of his tail. Talk about obvious!!

Well I have since found out that greyhounds, well mine anyway, like pizza.

On Saturday he had pizza again for breakfast, but I got a kiss from him. And he certainly has become a lot more pettie, and likes to be close to me.

On Friday I went to my mothers place because someone was going to look at Elli. When they arrived they had another greyhound that made Rassilon look small. He was an ex-racer and weighed in at 40kg (7kg more than Rassilon). He was a few inches taller, a few inches wider and solid muscle.

Before they arrived I took Elli for a walk, and she walks beautifully. She walks at heal with no pulling, she stopped to look at a cat, (but didn’t chase it), and when another dog went past, she ignored it.

I took her to the beach, including having to negotiate a big flight of stairs, something greyhounds are not accustomed to, but Elli went down and up the stairs with no problems at all, and she enjoyed being on the beach. It was just a pity she couldn’t be let off the leash.

Later I went shopping and picked Rassilon up from home and took him for a walk as well. The result…2 stuffed dogs sleeping well during the night.

All the dogs in the garden, Rassilon still keeping his distance.

All the dogs in the garden, Rassilon still keeping his distance.


Happy greyhound again

Sunday and I have recovered from a hectic week enough to take Rassilon out for a walk. We drove to a new location to give him a change, and I have to admit, it is hard NOT letting him off his leash, but the law says greyhounds must be on a leash in public areas, and logic says he can be doing 30 miles an hour in a few steps, and I can’t.

Nerves were still a problem, but Rassilon was certainly getting better. The first part of the walk was up a closed road and there were people in the field next to that riding dirt bikes, and they had their ‘pits’ at the start of the road, and Rassi walked past them and the bikes and didn’t look back or try to get away from the noise.

The one thing he did take great interest in, but stayed a safe distance from, was a horse in a paddock.

The second part of the walk was along a river bank then up into a park where people were playing and eating and socializing, and Rassilon paid no attention to them.

I knew he was nervous because he was panting, but wouldn’t have a drink. I have 2 water bottles in the car, he refused. He wouldn’t drink from the river, and he wouldn’t drink from a water bowl on the park. But he had a big drink when he was safe in his own yard.

Once home he had a big drink, something to eat, and at the moment he is back in bed.

Owning a greyhound is so rewarding when you see improvements like this, but if you are an avid gardener who is proud of the garden, then perhaps a cat would be better.

Greyhounds like to do “Zoomies”. Mad bursts of energy when they race around the garden flat out. While it is great to see your greyhound having fun, and in full flight, the proud gardener may not be so thrilled…see photo of 2 months of ‘zoomies’ (and he was sick for the first three weeks!!)

This is what you can expect from zoomies.

This is what you can expect from zoomies.

And the news goes on

Elli has gone to live with my mother until GAP can relocate her. Apart from not being able to take Elli for a walk, my mother has the perfect home for Elli. She has company all the time, she has the run of the house and garden and she even has doggie company. The perfect stress free environment. She even gets to meet visitors.

Unfortunately, doggie company is not happy to have another dog like Elli.

Elli likes to be the center of attention, so if Mitzi (my mothers Fox Terrier/Chihuahua cross) goes to my mother for a pat, Elli will go and push in, and Mitzi has the same reaction as Rassilon. When you tell Elli off, Mitzi/Rassilon think you are talking to them and go away.

GAP have found Elli a home, but it means she is still here for another week, but it sounds like the perfect home for Elli. Out in the country with a pensioner couple who can be with her all the time, and they like to go walking, so Elli can use up her energy on the walks (low stress exercise, as the vet put it, to help her hair grow back), loose the 3 – 5kg weight she needs to loose and be a little more calm at home.

I am so pleased for Elli, she will be going to a home that will be perfect for her where she can have the affection and attention she so longs for. She really wants to be loved, but at the moment she gets too excited when she gets any attention that she gets too pushy. Anyway, she is going to the country and with the attention and walking and it wont be long before she is the beautiful girl she should be.

On the way home from work I stopped off and bought Rassilon and Elli some meat from the pet food shop. It is easier and cheaper to buy it than it is to make it up myself. I also bought something that was recommended for their coats, a meal additive called Livamol. The woman in the shop said she uses it for her show dogs (Long haired Shepherds), so to try to make Rassilons coat shine, and to help Elli grow her coat back and make it look good, I got some. She said that Cod Liver Oil would do the same thing, but would start to work straight away, Livamol will take about a week to start because it is a powder, but Livamol  was $5.50 and a bottle of cod liver oil was $17.50. We can wait a week!!

Rassilon appreciates being alone again. I got home from work and looked in the front window to see a dog ‘tap dancing’ by the back door. When I opened the door he was up on his back legs rearing up before doing a single lap of the garden and stopping for a pee (his usual routine), and after being in all day, it is a BIG pee.

It is good to have him back to (almost) normal. He had fish and chips for tea the other night. He was watching me eating and when I asked him what he was looking at he looked at my plate and gave one wag of his tail, so pathetic and cute and so obvious all at the same time.

On Friday night I was so tired from the weeks work, lots of walking and lifting, I was in quite a deep sleep. Rassi got of the bed, which I didn’t feel, and walked around the bed, which I did hear, but in my sleeping state, I imagined it to be Elli (she would come into the bedroom and walk around the bed). By the time I realized that Elli wasn’t there, and got up, Rassi had wet the floor. I couldn’t tell him off because he had come to let me know he wanted to go out, but I ignored him, so it was my fault. He just couldn’t hold it any longer.

So I let him out and when he came back in I patted him as he quickly went past me and back onto the bed.

Fox Terrier/Chihuahua cross

Mitzi…Fox Terrier/Chihuahua cross

As an added comment about not feeling him get off the bed… I can be in bed and Rassilon, a 33kg Greyhound, can jump onto the bed, and the only way I will know is if he comes right up to me or I hear him. He can get up onto the bed without making the bed move. I don’t know how he does it. My Doberman used to have the whole bed rocking and she was 33kg as well.

Live and learn

As recent events showed, Rassilon doesn’t like being left alone.

However, after getting another dog to keep him company, I have learned that he is better off on his own, as his stress level have gone up and up.

I got a little female greyhound from GAP to keep Rassilon company, but he is not at all happy. He went out and was having a ‘zoomie’ around the garden and the female went out to join him, and as soon as she did…he came inside and went to my bed where he settled down.

As things turned out, I didn’t get Peppa, but another girl called Elli. She is fawn (Gap listened when I said I would prefer the dog not to be black). But she is from a home where she was left outside all day and not given a lot of attention, so she is really pushy when you show her some affection.

As a result of the stress she had from being left alone all the time in the garden, she has lost a lot of hair, but it will grow back and she will be a beautiful girl. When she calms down she will be perfect, but she needs constant attention, which I will not be able to give her.

Rassilon is certainly not going out of his way to make her welcome, in fact he is just tolerating her. He is not going near her. If she comes near him, he walks away, even if he is having a drink, so sad though it might be, I think it best for Rassilon that she goes back to GAP and they find her another home.

It has taken me about 4 months to get Rassi to where he is, and I don’t want to stress him back to the start.

When I got him he was a nervous wreck. He is still nervous, but he is noticeably better than he was. I guess it is a case of going to GAP events, where he can socialize occasionally, and get used to people and dogs, but it looks like a constant companion is too much.

I left the settee in the lounge for Rassilon, but I didn't know he was going to be so BIG

I left the settee in the lounge for Rassilon, but I didn’t know he was going to be so BIG

So visitors be warned. I have a BIG dog that will come and greet you, once HE has decided to come to you, and he will stay as long as HE is comfortable, and that probably won’t be long.


(“Zoomie” greyhound talk for mad run around the garden or house if there is enough room)

Greyhounds as pets

After 30 years of owning Dobermans (that was only 3 dogs), I have changed breed to Greyhounds. I got the idea from a woman at work who was going to adopt one when she retires, but I couldn’t wait. I had just had my beautiful Kia put down due to cancer, and the house seemed so empty without her.

P5200222 So I looked on the Internet and found the Greyhound Adoption Program of South Australia (GAPSA), I contacted them, and by a miracle, I had a dog in about 2 weeks. The big problem was, that up to the time I went to pick up the dog, I had never actually seen a greyhound in the flesh. When I got to the GAP office I saw my first greyhound. A beautiful gray (known as blue) female. When I got to see MY dog, I thought to myself “Flip (or words to that effect), he is BIG” He was brought straight out of the vets surgery where he had just been desexed, and he was BIG. He was at least 9 inches taller than the first one I had seen, and now weighs in at a gentle 33kg The first thing I did was to change his name from Casper to Rassilon. He now answers to Rassilon when I call him. And RRRRRRRRRassilon will calm him down when he gets frightened or nervous. He was great in the car on the way home, but unfortunately over the weekend got an infection. He recovered from that, but I believe it took about 3 months to completely clear his system. Anyway, I have been thinking about getting Rassilon a companion, as he is left alone all day when I go to work, and recent events have shown that he suffers from separation anxiety, (why not, he suffers from general anxiety). Anyway, some more contact with GAPSA and they have a small (22kg) female for me. She suits my needs, and I suit hers. She is black and her current name is Peppa, but it will change to Peri GAP tries to house the dog in a home that is best for the dog as well as the owner. Anyway, this little girl has been desexed already, so I don’t have to go through all that, and she has her green collar (meaning she doesn’t need to war a muzzle in public), so that saves me a 45 minute drive down to GAP to get her assessed. She gets on well with other dogs, and prefers to have other doggy company, and I hope that some company will take the stress out of Rassilon. Further news on the Foster2Adopt of Peppa/Peri to follow.   P.S. For the uninitiated, Rassilon is the Chief of the Time Lords in Dr Who, and Peri was the companion of the 5th Dr, Peter Davidson, fom1984 to 1986)